Hollywood Is On Fire- Literally!!!

When we say HOTSPOTS, please believe that we do not wish for it to be taken out of context.

Again, checking in to Good Day L.A. to see what Jillian was talking about, we all appeared to have started our day off with a large smoke cloud which appeared to be in the vicinity of Hollywood.

Behold, not only was there a fire this morning, it happened to be at the popular nightspot Basque.

I actually receive flyers each week for events at this location, and it is definitely NOT a good look for the game for this location to burn away.

The re gentrification process in Hollywood Central is in full swing, and the last thing needed is for it to go up in smoke.

Perhaps its simply a clearing away of the old to make room for the new.
For those not quite as familiar with the area, the cross streets of Hollywood & Vine actually act as a center point for many of Hollywood’s historic landmarks as well as traditions and is shrouded in mystery like most of Hollywood due to the large number of paranormal happenings in the area.

We will keep you posted with details as they surface.

To let you in on why this scenario holds special significance to me, below if a video of myself and the crew in action no more than the distance of a football field from the location of discussion.

See You At The Top

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin