End The Drama And Vote For Obama, Because Barack Obama Has A White Momma

Greetings Earthlings.
In the name of effective brand building, I have been off radar for a brief moment, yet recent developments have surfaced which require my input.

In the news as of Sunday, June 1, 2008, it appears that Barack Obama has entered a resignation letter to the Trinity Baptist Church of Chicago of which he and his wife Michelle have been members for approximately 20 years. He cited his reasons for the decision were based on media scrutiny of controversial comments made by ministers and guest ministers of the church, which implicate him in the eyes of the viewing public through what is known as guilt by association.

On that note, I will first note a few basic facts which relate to this scenario which actually do set quite a precedence in American history to the same degree of which B. Obama’s ethnic decent and H.Clinton’s gender play apart in the overall story.

The current Republican nominee John McCain as well as the two current Democratic party contestants all share something in common that tends to be overlooked.
Each of the Presidential office contestants actually currently hold the second highest public office in the Federal government next to the executive office which is the office of the U.S. Senate.

For those not quite familiar with the structure of the Federal Government of the United States of America, it was created with a system of checks and balances by dividing the authority into three parts,

The office of the Senate is one part of the Legislative Branch, which is then balanced with the U.S. Congress.

Without too much of a Government Discourse, lets just keep it brief and state that
B. Obama , H. Clinton, and J. McCain are all individuals who play a significant part in the introduction and ratification of laws in the United States, or in Pimp Speak, they have Boss Powers to SIGN OFF on programs.

With that said, when the need for amendments to be made to the original U.S. Constitution Script came about, the first order of business was in regards to what is known as the Separation Between Church and State and Freedom of Speech/Expression.

U.S. Constitution: First Amendment

First Amendment – Religion and Expression

Amendment Text | Annotations

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I will leave it to each individual to research this amendment, and simply bring it to your awareness into the context which is plays in this latest chain of events.

It appears that in U.S. Politics, some of the primary focus points currently being addressed are that of race, class,gender and religion/culture.
I often hear a term used known as a Demographic, which by definition hinges on the proposed philosophical ideology focuses on the
DIFFERENCES between apples and oranges, both of which grow on trees.

demography [(di-mog-ruh-fee)]

The quantitative study of human populations. Demographers study subjects such as the geographical distribution of people, birth and death rates, socioeconomic status, and age and sex distributions in order to identify the influences on population growth, structure, and development.

Black Vote, White Vote, Latino Vote, Asian Vote, Young Vote, Old Vote, Gay Vote, Straight Vote, Christian Vote, Jewish Vote, Liberal Vote, Conservative Vote and all of the various divisions of votes which would automatically lead to a disagreement based on the accepting of belief in the differences and a focusing of energies on those differences.

Oh what a tangled web you weave,
when first you practice to deceive,
yet ALL is a result of what you choose to believe.

So in regards to Barack Obama, and the racial bias issue, lets look at it in a bit of a different way.
One of Jeremiah Wrights claims that Black Children and White Children have different learning styles.
Father Flagel claims that Hillary Clinton is a white eletist
And everyone else with a DIFFERENCE of Opinion in regards to the issues.
What would Barack Obamas learning style represent as a multiethnic person, and what would his worldview see in regards to these differences from the perspective of what we call a 2-4-1( Two For One)?
The similarities which he himself is a direct result of.

The Solution?
Lets use the scientific approach.
I challenge each of you earthlings and all of your perceived differences to gather yourselves into a circle.
Next, we will have each of you take a deep breath and hold the inhalation.

Which ever one of you is able to hold your breath without ever exhaling and inhaling again and still maintain your existence on this planet will be declared the winner and holder of the correct opinion.

If none of you is able to accomplish this task,you all loose together, and it still leads to a solution with a lesson learned, which is that all of you ARE THE SAME because all you you are different, and by the fact that you are ALL DIFFERENT, you are all the same by being different, or in
Lame-Mans Terms—> Same Difference.

As a road map for you to follow, simply visit the image gallery here at your friendly neigborhodd PimpHop.com.

It is there where you will find the same Scenario

Difference= Different People, Different Place, At Different Times
Similarity=All desire a good time, and all wishing to earn and spend GREEN U.S. Dollars.

Any Questions?

Good, so on with the show and remember…….
To End The Drama, Vote For Obama, Because Barack Obama, Has A White Momma!