The Jones For iPhones- Part 2

Just As Predicted, the Jones for iPhones is in full effect.

I was actually out and about on Monday morning , and passed by a strip mall in which a line of no less than
200 people was wrapped around the building. Upon looking closer, I saw that they were actually camped out in front of the AT&T store, which is in fact the official service provider for the Apple iPhone. I decided to conduct a couple of interviews, yet I was caught without a camera, which may indicate that I need to proceed to get word to the folks at Apple to furnish me with one of these devices to test , and see if it meets Official Pimpin Standards.


The first release was actually a Beta Test, to see if the market was officially ready for an efficient wireless all in one device, and from the looks of the lines outside which were super long for two consecutive days in a row, their thinking was correct, which now leaves other phone providers with an enormous task of matching the functionality and style capabilities of the new and improved iPhones.
As predicted, the price points are now closer to other Smartphones on the market such as Blackberry, Motorolla Q , and Sidekick, and the folks at Apple have found a way to produce the better results with the device at a lesser cost.

In closing, it again simply points to what we at your Friendly Neighborhood tend to focus on and create, which is a Bright Future, and it is a well known fact that one the primary demands for this type of device is its ever present ability to keep those in the know logged in and connected with the greatest of ease to the Official Pimpin Source
known as Internet Magazine.

Last years IPhone release post- June 14, 2007