The Secrets to Unlocking Your Success (Intro)

Before I get started with this ‘self help’ addition to this wonderful lifestyle we call Pimphop, I would like to introduce myself. I go by a couple of names, in the music world and in my everyday life I am known as Camay, and by a very enlightened few I am called Success.. I call them enlightened, because even though they may not be smarter than any one person around them, think of how secure in your own life you would have to be to call someone else Success. Think Jay-Z

How sick am I? I wish you health

-American Dreaming.

But back to me. I’m a simple type of female, I am a designer label slut like the rest of the free world, I love good food, good music, good sex, just like everyone else, the only thing that separates me from a lot of people is my ideals. With your permission, over the next couple of weeks I would like to share them with you, ‘Put you on’ if you will.
Some of you, may either be in denial, or you may already be where you want to be mentally, physically, whatever. Take what you can from my words, pass them along, maybe you can help save someone.. For everyone else, the mentally tired, the weak, the misguided, use my words not as the Holy Grail on how to live, but as a step in the right direction.
Most of all remember

Success is a State of Mind


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