The Secrets to Unlocking Your Success Pt. 1: To Pimp or Be Pimped

That question, as simple as it looks, has been on the minds of every human ever. At least once. Ever heard of the term “finding myself”?
neverending quest for 'self'
Like with any quest or hunt, there has to be a starting point.
1. Define who you are now
This may seem like a simple task but here is the problem. We as humans have a tendency to bullshit ourselves. Im not asking you to downplay yourself, just be honest. You might look at the title of this week’s article, and wonder where this comes into play with our theme. So I will ask you again in a manner that your square little brain can grasp. Are you a manufacturing (Pimping), Selling(Being Pimped), or Buying (Tricking)?

Willie Dynamite
The Pimp in all of us would never admit to sometimes being pimped, and sometimes tricking, just as the trick would swear he was pimping. “It ain’t trickin’ if you got it”,make it rain on them hoes!! aka tricking on strippers
Those of us being pimped sometimes don’t know, realize, or admit that we are being whored out. None of this is to be taken literally of course.
In the spirit of being honest with ourselves, you will notice that at some point or other we all exhibit traits of all of the different types. But for arguments sake, lets each choose one.

The Pimping (Manufacturer) Type
Real World Examples: The McDonalds and Disney Corporation Executives, Drug Kingpins, Literal Pimps
Strength: Are capable of having control over every aspect of their (and sometime others’) lives.
Weakness: Cannot function without those willing to be pimped, or those buying their products.
General Overview: This type prides themselves in being able to successfully lead, direct and give orders. This is the person who packages up the product for those being pimped to sell. Majority of the time, this person was actually doing the selling at a previous point and knows the ins and outs to be taught to the seller. While best when in command of those being pimped, the pimp is able to self operate in emergencies.
If This Is You: Keep your conscience clear by not conning sellers into working for you. A seller who wants to sell will do the job significantly better, longer, than one who is just ‘doing what they gotta do’. Don’t lose your soul and gain the world.
pimps last resort

The Being Pimped (Seller) Type
Real world examples: Franchise and Retail store owners, Drug runners, call girls
Strength:generates revenue or other needed resources for the pimp.
Weakness:Sometimes can be too dependent on the pimp, forgetting how to self operate.
General Overview: This type does all the footwork to move the product after the manufacturer packages it all pretty-like for the buyers enjoyment. This type of person may be overly grateful to the pimp for giving them the “opportunity” to be in a privileged position. Is capable of self-operating but may not always realize it or want to.
If This Is You: Make sure the situation you are in is mutually beneficial. Figure out the reasons you are selling, if you are not achieving it why are you still selling? Master the art of pitching your product, with a conscience. ‘Forcing’ someone to buy may give you short term gratification, but your Karmic rewards/punishments are forever.
this is called

The Tricking (Buyer) Type
Real World Examples: Amusement park patrons, Drug Addicts, A call girl’s clients
Strength: has the money/means to enjoy buying from the seller.
Weakness:Can sometimes over-indulge and become broke. Or dead.
General Overview: These types are mostly all about ‘living life to the fullest’. However, their Dionysus-like ways can sometimes leave them penniless to the smooth talking and appealing Seller Types. Works best with the seller types and often has seldom resolved issues with the Manufacturer types.
If this is you: If your spend happy habits leave you feeling guilty, your success will come from finding a product that gives you the satisfaction you desire, without overstepping the boundaries of your bank account. (or body). Learn how recognized when you are being manipulated by Sellers.
sign of seller's job well done

That’s it for this week’s therapy session, Until next week, keep your Valium and Xanax separated..
and remember

Success is a state of mind

Written By Camay
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