Bill Gates Flexes His "PIMP HAND" on APPLE!!

Whats The Good News?
For me, it was the day when the decision was made by the executives at Microsoft to go ahead and settle the score in regards to the company that specifically set themselves up to compete against Microsoft for a greater share of the market, known to you as Apple.

As usual, we caught on to the angle fairly early, as D.T. posted this informative video to give viewers a better look at what they are actually looking to invest into, and well..although we may not have gotten broke off for the plug, as long as the goal was accomplished to shed light on the subject, it is sure to all come through in the wash.

First and foremost, we had to contemplate as to why the marketing executives at Apple
decided to use the stereotypical cool hip hot shot white guy as the face of their brand and then stereotype the old chubby squarish looking white guy to symbolize what a PC user looks like.

On top of that, they(Apple) specifically attempted to strengthen their position at the expense of the other in to identify with a good majority of Mac users and their thinking.
I didn’t go to a university to study Marketing, yet Pimpology degrees are enough to indicate that a person who acts in this way starts off from a WEAK POSITION in the first place. Its what we label as a SUCKA MUTHAFUKA!

In the latest “Im A PC” commercial series from Microsoft , I notice that no one even gives mention to Macintosh in order to make themselves feel superior, and I believe that overall, you would see the same type of ideology in the world at large.

I now hereby officially  label “PC” as ‘PimpHop Compliant’, and the reason is simple.
The Streets Are Watching!!

What this entails is that my own personal view of individuals who are out and about on a wireless connection at Starbucks or other WiFi  Hotspot locations on a Macintosh wish to appear to the world as ..Iunno… SPECIAL?

IMHO, sounds kinda GAY to me, and although I am not against anyone elses personal preferences, the current Stereotype of a Gay Guy would actually fit the description
and in the Macintosh marketing campaigns, it does in the majority of commercials show a young hip and trendy male comparing himself to a non trendy older male.

Long Story Short, where are the women  in Macintosh the commercials?
One does actually show a group of cheerleaders endorsing Macintosh with the PC as the second choice.
That’s almost there as the Ladies Choice has astronomical value.

The truth is that what you are watching, would indicate that the marketing team sees women as cheerleaders of and not users/purchasers of the product, and that would only confirm my belief that perhaps the marketing team and other individuals at Apple, may perhaps suffer from GIRL PROBLEMS.

Wonder what Guy Kawasaki’s view is as the original marketing guru behind the Macintosh brand?

Pimp Dad ,Symp Dad –
Coming Soon To A Bookstore Near You!!!

To keep it even more thorough, Microsoft is a Software development Company, first and foremost, and other than X-Box and Ti Vo, they don’t produce any hardware, but produces the software that the actual PC manufactures use, such as Sony, Gateway, Dell, HP,Toshiba etc, so when Apple attacks Windows, they simultaneously attack the hardware manufacturers of products (PC’s) that use Microsoft Windows as well as the retail outlets that carry the products as well as the users who buy them, which is………The Vast Majority Of The Population On Earth!!

So can we conclude that Mac users are those who would never dare set foot into a
Wal Mart, because last time I checked, there were no Apple Products or Products that use Apple Software, other than perhaps the iPod.

But then again, both Warren Buffet, founder of the WalMart Brand, and Bill Gates, founder of the Microsoft Brand are actually good friends with each other and tend to trade off on Richest Man In The World Duties , due to their common thinking ,which is to say that even if you get a new hot iPod music player, in order to purchase it, many purchased theirs at WalMart, and in order to load music onto it, most used Microsoft Windows to connect to the Internet and store music on their own computer.

Even better, in order to Produce The Pimpin,
I am actually on XP as this is being typed.

With that said, I believe that Steve Jobs  (Apple Founder & Chairman) actually played himself something serious and let the buzz go to his head, due to some apparent deep seated jealousy towards Bill Gates and Microsoft…its the Stereotypical Gay Guy thing again.


In closing, you can watch the video below and put it into perspective for yourself, because it specifically shows influential and likable  individuals (Male & Female)from ALL walks of life, using the same tools to accomplish their own individual goals.

The Pimp Angle is in full swing when Bill Gates is Pimp Enough to Hop In His OWN commercial and show viewers that he is still down to earth enough to be seen in public  as a person coming out of the store carrying his own bag of groceries and doing HIM, even though he probably , in all actuality doesn’t need to at his position
Pimps do what they WANT TO DO, so
it shows the product to be PimpHop Approved, because if HE is able to rock and roll at your level of the game , it indicates that YOU are also able to rock and roll at his level, if you are looking through the proper WINDOWS, which history shows was his motivation to form the company in the first place.

See You At The Top

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin