AIG Exec's Livin' Lavish- Lifestyles Of The Rich & Pimpish

In The News.
Corporate giant AIG who recently secured government sanctioned rescue funds (Bailout) for their recent collapse in business are now in front of congress for hearings regarding allegeded misappropriations of funds ,  particularly, an executive retreat to one of So. Californias premiere luxury getways at the St.Regis
Monach Bay Resort and Spa in South Orange County.

The estimated expenses of the trip which lasted just short of a week totaled over $400,000. Perspective
Well, what I CAN say is that
The St. Regis Monarch Bay

is a great place to relax and chill along with the

Ritz Carlton

a few miles south on Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Niguel!

The means in which the funds were secured by A.I.G. execs are between A.I.G. and wherever they recieve funding , be it shareholders or government, but at the end of the day, Monarch Bay and all associated luxuries definately recieve the Official Seal Of Approval, as a few of the young ladies that I know have told me that their spa services really are out of this world.

To Be Continued