Tyra Banks – Getiin' That PayPurr

Had a chance to get some T.V. time in this weekend and tuned in to the
Forbes Prime Time Top 20 Female Earners, and all looked swell, yet at the top of the list was
Tyra Banks

I find interest in this because WELL… her name is BANKS, so she is what she does, which is BANKS.
They say that she earned (on record) $23 million within the last 12 months for her on camera and behind the scenes work as a mogul and producer. Her production company.. get this –
BANKABLE PRODUCTIONSowns a portion of one of the shows rights I believe the Tyra Show, or perhaps Next Top and has multi year deals already inked with Warner Brothers for some hot new ventures

Now Thats The Kinda Girl we Like To See On The Team!
Tyra Banks.. A Money Maker FORREALZ-.Its IS what It Is!!