Celebrity News- Hugh Hefner & The Girls Who "Love" Him. Joel Madden & Nicole Richie =JICOLE??

Whats The Good News?
As you who frequent these parts already know, Celebrity Gossip is not really an are of interest for this publication.

To cut you in on the deal regarding this post, well..see..
what had happened was… I was taking a stroll around the corner to Albertsons to pick up some knick knacks, and on my way there, I stumbled across a torn page that was on the ground folded up. ordinarily, I probably would have passed it up, yet the picture on the part that was visible was of the infamous Hugh Hefner and his new set of Twin Playmates.

I decided to pick it up as it may have been a note that was placed their for me.This is PimpHop.com, we think DIFFERENT.So, when I looked, I found that it was a page torn out from the National Enquirer, which is one of the most popular Tabloids on the planet.
Some cold game comes from a childhood friends mom who was born and raised in Paris , France.
She used to send us to the store to pick up the latest edition of this and other tabloids whenever they came out.I was curious as to why, so I asked and, she would say in French, to be translated by my buddy, that in actuality, according to her belief , the stuff in the Tabloids is actually Closer to THE TRUTH while Traditional Publications are fabrications, which is the exact opposite of what most people are conditioned to believe.
I always had it in my mind that there HAS to  be some logical reason as to why they are always visible in a place that most people will find themselves at some point in time, which is the Grocery Store check out line along with the other more credible news sources.

Well, enough with that…IT IS WHAT IT IS, people buy so people sell.

In regards to the words in the subject title of this post, the page a came across in the tabloid was claiming that the Ex Girlfriends (or whatever they are now classified as), of Hugh Hefner were actually ganging up on Hefs new addition twins, claiming that they were just using Hefner and talking about him behind his back, so the trio who still reside at the mansion were making request for them to be evicted from the location.

Ok, since I am going to choose my words carefully for this entry, bare with me for a few moments while a take a quick smoke break and ponder….BRB……


Ok, first things first.
As a writer, lifestyle brand creator and publication owner and mogul, I can give plenty of credit to Hefner.
He made something out of nothing, which is an EXTREMELY daunting task, and he has done plenty in regards to implementing social change, as he was one of the first people in the 50’s and 60’s to allow people from different minority groups to mix and mingle on an equal playing field , outside of the norm of those times which was comprised of accepted establishment racial segregation practices, and much of the change that we see today in entertainment can be reflected.

He has also done much to assist people with his opportunity creations, and there are a few notables who can attest to his hand in their famous or infamous status, as well as some REGULAR FOLKS that he has and does employ in his organization.

With that out of the way, I have heard some go as far as stating that Hefner is the Greatest PIMP that ever walked the face of the earth.
My neighbor and I have had conversations about this subject as he is a fan of  the REALITY SHOW currently on the airwaves.

The question in my mind has always been as to whether or not, when a Playmate becomes Hefner’s GIRLFRIEND, she is required to sign some form of a legally binding contract in exchange for what it is that he offers his girls, which is I would conclude a COMFORT ZONE.

Say what you wanna, think what you wanna, but the FACTS are, that this type of scenario is about as far from PIMP status that one could actually be.
The latest episode in the story is in regards to how one of his last “GIRLFRIENDS” Holly, broke off the relationship,due to the fact that the man in his 80’s was not able to spawn children with her.
The storyline then says that she has gone public with a new romance with Magician and Mind Freak
Chris Angel,

yet she is one of the trio who says that Hef’s latest additions are just USING him.
A few points of interest are that People are rarely if ever used unless some part of them WANTS to be used, and in business, usage usually comes at a cost, similar to Airtime with your Telcom provider.

Secondly, the experts say that it really TAKES a USER to KNOW a USER better stated, Game Recognize Game.

Thirdly, Hugh Hefner actually DOES have children, one of which is his daughter, and a minor yet important detail is that she CHRISTIE HEFNER , is actually older than any of Hefner’s “Girlfriends” while playing her position as CEO and CHAIRPERSON of PLAYBOY ENTERPRISES INC.

Do your own research.

Yes, Hefner is in his 80’s and has done more than most people will even dream of doing, yet in the current day and age, with the Band- Wagon- Ism that is popular with many young people, I can now conclude that perhaps Hefner is actually Getting what he is ASKING /PAYING FOR as birds of a feather flock together
( Usually).

If that WAS my call, I would have stuck to the script with how it first started and only dealt with the types who I started with, which can be recalled with the following image.

(Marilyn Monroe
1st Edition Playboy Magazine)

I will close this commentary with the following statement from me R.B.
Gentlemen- Prefer BLONDES!
Pimps- Prefer Blondes –with Healthy Bank Accounts & Excellent FICA SCORES!!

I am almost  finished (finally!) with reading all the way through THE PLAYBOY PHILOSOPHY, authored by Hefner, which can be found at this link for those who can think this high.

it is what it is………

That blends in PERFECTLY to the next segment of the discussion.
Joel Madden vs. Nicole Richie

I used the ‘verses’ abbreviation due to the fact that the Enquirer page did have a back side which I didnt read until yesterday after i rmembered that I had put it in my pocket to read later.
It stated something about Trouble in Paradise, and gave some gossip news about how the couple were spotted in public having differences at an event at the Hollywood Palladium.
The informants claim that JICOLE entered the venue and angrily headed in different directions, and Nicole wound up in the V.I.P. area sobbing to a girlfriend about how Joel just didnt understand her.

How should I handle this one?
Time for another break.
You can do it like that when you are a BOSS.


Ok, I dont desire to rain on anyone’s parade , like the 2008 Academy Awards Festivities immediately following the writers guild strike which cost Hollywood a cool Bil Ticket and some change, so Ill just reflect on some questions that I had stored away in my memory to recall at the appropriate time, which AGAIN, is probably the reason the Enquirer PAGE was left for me on the way to the market.

Before I turn this into a racial issue with the news that I am about to share, someone seems to have beat me to it, so you can see what came up first in the Google search on the subject matter.

if this is a SECRET, well it WAS a secret. None the less. here is a Newsflash.

Nicole Richie Is A BLACK PERSON.

I guess the proper and politically correct verbiage is MULTI-Ethnic, yet we just call them
2-4-1’s or 3-4-1’s, like  Americas beloved President Elect, Barack Obama, who while being Multi-Ethnic , is known as Americas 1st Black..Oops, I mean AFRICAN AMERICAN President.

Of course, everyone knows this when they see her on the TV Screen and Magazines,living the simple life, because her last name is RICHIE, as she is the daugher of popular R&B Soul Legend Lionel Richie of The Commodores as well as the GOD-Daughter of Micheal Jackson, The King Of Pop in exile.

Now for the FACTS.
She is actually the Adopted Daughter of Lionel Richie and His Wife, as her official Birth Name is
Nicole Camille Escovedo, Born in The Area, (Mixed Chick Capital Of PLANET EARTH.)
Kind of a long story, you can research it here is you wish.

What would  YOU say about this scenario?
The article on Wikipedia states

Lionel Richie first met Nicole as a child playing tambourine on stage at a Prince concert. Richie became her guardian.[3] At age 2, Nicole went to live with Lionel Richie and his wife, Brenda Harvey-Richie, who began to raise her as their daughter.

The coldest part about the game, according to the word on the street,
is that Nicole is actually the
Grand-Daughter of famous Latin Jazz Musician
Pete Escovedo Sr.

Biological Daughter of
Peter Michael Escevedo

Biological Daughter of XXX-Mysterious Afro-Latin Mother

And the niece of Sheila Escevedo,
Known to you as

She’s got big thoughts, big dreams
And a big brown Mercedes sedan
What I think this girl
She really wants
Is to be in love with a man

She wants to lead the Glamorous Life
She don’t need a man’s touch
She wants to lead the Glamorous Life
Without love
It ain’t much

Sheila E- Glamorous Life

Yep, blame it on Prince, Morris Day And The Time, Rick James, Madonna & others back in the 80’s for putting out music for impressionable young minds such as me, influencing some of us to think like
Pimps and Pro’s!!!

Sheila E. or somebody wrote the script, and it turned into something very spectacular.

Before I come back down toe earth, I will speak on this NAME CHANGE GAME trend. It is actually a shared trait as Joel Madden of the Madden Family and Good Charlotte Fame is also known as

Real Name: Joel Ryan Rueben Combs
Birthday: 03/11/1979
Birthplace: Waldorf, Naptown, Maryland, USA
Occupation: Singer
Sign: Pisces

Now back to REALITYT.V. That Is, my personal stance on matters like these is that people really are free to be whoever they please, just like on Social Networking Sites (Myspace-Facebook). I would just caution people that if the person you are being is not THE REAL YOU, the REAL YOU will be sure to pop up from time to time, and cause a conflict with the other YOU’s. I think its known as Split Personality Disorder in the Medical World, in the Game we call it Phoney Folks!

Its enough to drive you nutz, or down the 134 Freeway heading into on coming traffic.

Thanks for traveling this far because you can now get the reward, which is an answer to your question in regards to where I am going with all of this.

The Climax-
When I see Nicole in pictures, and umm.. In REAL LIFE, I notice a before and after effect just like the diet plan advertisements.

Mackable Nicole Richie

Non-Mackable Nicole Richie

Yes I have some tid bits of insider information, yet sticking to the facts, it seems like Nicole’s Shrinkage has been a gradual result of her time spent around certain types of people.

Many will say its the drugs, yet a few will say its the results of what LEADS to the drugs.

To put it all the way out in the open so that the statement is WELL TAKEN,
the pattern shows that the mix that she fell into is comprised of some Celebrity Rock Star DJ Types such as DJ A.M. and her current significant other from The Good Charlotte Rock Group.

Call me a coo coo bird, I have heard worse, but yet in still, why in the world is it that these celebrity musicians and socialite DJ’s always play music from young African American males in the clubs where there is a set allotment and quota of young black males allowed inside of the “V.I.P.” venue in the first place?
Why not just bump the ROCKER Joints from the studio and stage shows at the events instead of Hip Hop and Mash Ups?

If I  had to guesstimate, it would probably be because most of the girlies, at least in a club setting cant really FEEL THE BEAT and MOOD of the music, meaning they cant GET LOOSE  to it.

If that is the case, would a helping hand be needed in hopes of producing the types of desired results attempting to be acquired   in the image below?

Big Pimpin or Hand Cuffin?

Thanks to the National Enquirer and the individual who left the page which inspired today’s discussion.
In closing, the inquiring mind of Nicole Richie would probably question why she is not understood by certain people in the world, yet the light would suggest that she better
Understand and Love  Her OWN-SELF ,
with guidance from the folks at the publication you have grown to know and love..
Mighty Mighty PimpHop.com!

As for the Madden Clan, its usually a wise choice to stick to the script.
RB writes, and RB reads.

This book is a sweet little story of an orphan girl, who is the odd, scruffy little girl of the orphanage. Though loved dearly by the teachers/caretakers, she is never up to their expectations. When a trip takes them out of town, a “substitute” teacher helps her see that she is lovely as she is. Delightful!