Goodness Gracious!
The numbers are showing that
The People Have Spoken,
So My response Should be WHAT?


Today I am going to keep this one on the surface, because I believe that one of the key areas of focus needs to be in the area of interpersonal relationships, with an emphasis on Male Female relationships , as I believe that if one is to become an astrophysicist, they would first need to master elementary addition and subtraction as well as learning how to count.

If you read the fine print, you will see that many of the images that you see actually do display Men and Women in the same physical proximity.Like everything else that comes from me, there is a sound and logical reason behind the action.

In short, its just what I want to see, which is Men And Women Getting Along.
I can get spiritual, or sociological, and even economical with this scenario, yet I think the best thing to speak about are THE FACTS. An Opinion based on The Facts is what I consider THE TRUTH.

Last time I checked, life on planet earth is a direct result of a collaborative effort between a male and a female,and not a competitive effort (Battle Of The Sexes), and unless you are some form of a clone or test tube baby, your existence is a result of a male and female working together towards a common cause, and even if you are some form of a science project, the model was built on the original blueprint which still works effectively according to what I know.

Now, in the west, and in America to be specific, the land of opportunity…. to have high divorce rates, infidelity and broken hardheartedness, many people appear to have some form of a
“——-” in regards to the subject of SEX.



Now that I have your attention, lets go ahead and continue with the discussion.

I suppose it really does require a person who thinks high enough to be able to effectively asses what this subject of SEX really entails, and I would like to state for the record, that this like anything else that I claim is simply my own personal opinion, that I share with others who are interested in it for their own particular reasons.

From what I can tell, the physical act known as SEXUAL INTERCOURSE is simply an effect of a mental and emotional need for gratification.

What sparked this discussion stems from my daily activities and rounds on the web, as many of you found your way to this web destination due to some outreach initiatives on social networking sites such as Myspace or Facebook.

It would not take a rocket scientist but perhaps rather a pocket scientist,to asses that one of the primary draws to sites like those are motivated by the idea of sex.
Some very intelligent people have actually informed me that Sex Actually Sells, which
is News to The Pimpin.

Based on that fact, I take a closer look in regards to what I see, and then simply determine how I can help serve the need even more effectively with my little bit of knowledge and resources.

What I see kind of strikes me as odd, yet being an odd fellow, what is odd to me, usually shows up as
“The Norm “ to many.

So, here is a story of when Boy Meets Girl…on the Internet

Boy want to See Girl, and Girl Wants to Be Seen By Boy.
Both needs are served by social networking and personal websites.

Girl says
“I want to be told I am Attractive, so that I can have some form of a self esteem boost to help me with my plight as a female to have some form of self worth which I asses through others opinion of me (Reputation)”

Boy says
“I want to be in the place where the attractive ( or ANY KIND) women are, so that I can have a shot and getting my reward ,so let me put my hunting hat on and see what I can catch”

Here Is Where The GAME Gets DEEP.
Girl proceeds to post up sexy images of her self by herself inside of boxes so that she can receive comments and attention from boys who are interested in the images that she has placed on display, and at the same time, also have the convenience of not having to give the guy in the other boxes the oppuritunity to have a shot.

Girl Says
“This is the Internet, and that is where the CRAZY PEOPLE and Sexual Predators and CREEPY GUYS hang out. I get the attention that i want without having to give the horny guys what they want other , but will just show them the pictures of what they want and feel like I am Wanted, which makes me feel important”

Boy says,
” WOW!!! Look at all of these women on this social networking site, showing me what I really want.
I probably should spend some time sending her some notes telling her how pretty her pictures are and stand in line with the other guys doing the exact same thing, and if I am Lucky, perhaps she will come off the internet and meet me in person so that I have a better shot in getting my reward.
But wait, she is not appearing to be interested in coming off the internet because she does not respond and is afraid that some harm may come to her, perhaps worst of all, me finding out the truth about her, and then having to invest in a shirt that accurately displays my sentiment.
If The Shoe Fits, Ill Buy 5 Pairs 4 YA!!
Then perhaps since there are hundreds of thousands of hot young thangs turning 18 every single day, and even younger ones acting like they are, I can focus my time and energy on those, and leave the other older ones to wonder why they don’t seem to be recieving any more picture comments and attention making her have to be bitter and angry at the new girls that are.”

News Flash!!!
You Reap What You Sow.

i could actually write a book series on this subject and perhaps I will, yet for now, i will just share some basic tid bits, that unbeknown to you, some of the executives at your favorite web sites and social services actually are reading right along with you.

If there really IS no such thing as a coincidence, then the advertisements that I see for Singles Match Services on many sites are there for a purpose, which is to serve the demand.

Perhaps Boys and Girls have become so distant from each other from fear that stems from a LACK OF UNDERSTANDING about the Wants And Needs Of The Opposite Sex, that some form of a computer program needs to do the work…FOR A FEE.
Kind of Sound Like Um….

Kind of, but not QUITE, and here is why.

The “Experts” actually do claim that both Men and Women have sexual desires which motivate them to behave in a certain way.
If that is the case, why is there tends to be so much discord amongst the two parties.
Childhood Experiences,Personal Pst Failed Relationships, etc??

For the guys reading this, although many of you STILL wont be able to process the PimpFormation,
the experts say that many women actually tend to be even MORE interested in SEXUAL INTERCOURSE, so you should be able to simply go out and get laid very easily and have women sending you request to help with that need.

The CREATOR of Humans is intelligent enough to know how to keep things in proper order and balance, so he, or she, depending on what you believe, decided to simply make the Arousal Points Different, which is why the experts also say that women tend to be more sexually stimulated by what she hears and experiences on an emotional level, where as most guys tend to be visually stimulated and seek gratification on a Physical Level.

Lets Test it Out

Although some women are actually interested in Pornogaphy, even then , their motivations are said to be different as perhaps simply out of a need to do something different, which is why certain women if they had a choice tend to prefer what is known as SOFTCORE PORN, and that which displays Girl Girl intercourse and a storyline

Then We Have This

Although many women tend to want to stop everything so that they can be sure to tune in to Sex In The City or
Desperate Housewives, most guys dont really find an interest in such content, wasting so much time in getting to “THE GOOD PART” which can only be seen usually in the form of a LEAKED CELEBRITY SEX TAPE.

This should be enough to chew on today, as I wont give it all away at one time, and it should do the trick by getting people talking and ummm Thinking, which is becoming more and more rare during these current times.

My own Personal Stance for those who care to know, which is quite a few of you, is as follows.

I would conclude that I like a “Piece Of Puddin ” as much as The Next Man. maybe even more so, depending on which woman you ask,
yet, if I have to choose, which I often do, between
Piece Of Puddin vs. PEACE OF MIND,
The latter is always going to be the priority, due to the fact that I have a Job Do, and People Under My Watch, which requires Peace and Clarity Of Mind as well as discipline, so consider it a sacrifice for the greater good, Even though in secret actually prefer my own personal company over anyone elses..

A Wierdo And Loner That You Tune In To on a Regular Basis.
Go Figure.

With the Internet Hookup Scenario, I would probably feel like it would be better to commit a crime that carries the hefty amount of time as a penalty, so that I could be place in a confinement zone with my own kind, separated from and women with their own kind, so that we can exchange notes and comments recognizing the fact that we are both incarcerated and simply making the best of it.

Cant say that I would VOLUNTARILY put myself in that situation though!

What I would do, is pose a question to the Men And Women reading this, and ask if you HAD to place a wager on who had the greatest chance of having their Sexual Desires gratified on a more complete level, would it be those on social networking sites , each in their individual cells, I mean PROFILES, separated from each other, because of fear and mistrust , or the individuals that you see in the image below,on the opposite end of the spectrum, that are pictured sharing the SAME Image and in the SAME PHYSICAL PROXIMITY of one another?

I actually DO believe that

What You See ,
Is What You Get.

RB Loves Yall.

Now If We Can Just Get You To
we will be in business to the fullest extent.