Trick Or Treat- 25 Hours A Day, 8 Days A Week

To keep it 1000 with you, as usual, i was actually gonna take a day off today, yet for whatever reason, here I am pushing these buttons while my clothes are in the dryer.

I must be doing something right because I actually met a couple of cool young ladies last night when I was out and about, and I think that is where I actually do my best work,which is away from this keyboard, so Ill just have to remember to get some shots to share with you.

Anyhow, I recall last months events started with a recap of the month before which was October.
I actually made an entry on Halloween Day before the evening hit, and I said that I was going to investigate further into the actual motivation of why so many women on this particular day decide to let the cat out of the bag.

What I forgot to say is what happened on Halloween Night.

it is not a holiday that i actually celebrate and its simply because its almost as if its a holiday Just About Everyday here at your friendly neighborhood, as we are on a 52 week vacation, in which we actually work to create things for your enjoyment.Having fun is our JOB if you can imagine such a thing, so I decided to take a walk to the Pizza Hut and I passed by the Albertsons Supermarket. I had just got up from a short nap, and was still a bit hazy. Well, as soon as I walked in front of the door, at the exact same time, and young lady walked out it a sexy nurse uniform, and all I can say is that she was definitely a traffic stopper.

I felt like perhaps i was still dreaming or woke up in a parallel universe where the women around me actually look this way on the regular, yet after about 15 seconds, I then recalled the facts and said

I did get a bit side tracked by the election buzz for the days following, but a left a note to myself to be sure to revisit and reflect on this particular scenario, because I believe that It plays a part in the direction that we need to travel for 2009 and beyond.

Maybe its just ME, wanting to see what I want to see, but for whatever reason, I believe that there are quite a few women in the world who actually would appreciate having the opportunity to play the part she is dressed up as on a more frequent basis. I also know for a FACT that women at least here in So.Cal enjoy playing dress up on a regular basis. case in point, the young lady that you see on the home page of this web magazine as well as the one standing next to me in by thumbnail pic below were both actually patrons at a
Monday Night 80’s Party in Hollywood last year. (For Reference, click this link–>
, and their outfits are their 80’s get ups. They dont actually dress like this in life , but then again they actually do, and on a more regular basis than most, so I will simply begin the work of creating greater opportunities for young ladies who wish to express their inner (*****).

Fundamentally, i guess most would say that the only thing stopping the flow from flowing on a more continuous basis is what “SOCIETY” would have to say about it.

Lucky for you, this is, and We Make The Rules for what is cool and fit for society to do, so you are in luck as this time around, as it just happens to be in YOUR best interests, so consider yourself blessed. with that said, let me get my clothes ready as I have family here for vacation, and they want to go shopping, so I am today’s tour guide.