Connect The Dots- Was Marilyn Monroe A Snow Bunny With Soul?

(Per CBS News March 11, 2009)

New, Rare Photo Of Screen Icon Marilyn Is Released

A new, previously unseen photo of screen legend/icon/goddess/sex kitten/ Marilyn Monroe has emerged.

The photo was found in the “Lost Collection” of clothing designer William Travilla’s, an Oscar-winning costumer who dressed nearly 300 starts in his illustrious career.

The new photo shows Marilyn, circa 1952, with Travilla and an unidentified Black man. The photo, coming on the heels of Marilyn’s controversial nude photos, was scandalous at the time…a white starlet being photographed with a black man!) The man was often cropped out of the little seen photo. And the mystery remains…who was that man?

For more information about this photo and a touring exhibit of Travilla’s designs and works, click here.

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