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Today’s discussion will be about something that even the most novice of person should be able to relate to, which is supply and demand, which is actually ate the root of economics as well as human existence as a collective, or what you would call SOCIETY.

First things first.
It is said that ALL MOTIVATION stems from an unmet need.
That would indicate that any action that any individual will take will be motivated by a thought of something which one is lacking.

John or Jane Doe will proceed to move towards toilet motivated by a need for a waste outlet.
Simple enough?

Now expanding into the dynamics of the flow chart, we would then say that the unmet need (demand) would require the creation of that which serves (supply). With that said, we would have two categories in place

Here is where the game gets interesting.
If all motivation stems from an unmet need, it would then say that producers would posses a need to create and serve.This is where the line is drawn between the hustlers and the customers.
The concepts of capitalism breaks down to two primary schools of economic thought
1.Supply Side
2.Demand Side

Without getting into a long discourse in regards to the fundamentals, the current state of affairs in the world, as well as in America in particular would point to a class system which consists of three parts, which are upper, middle, and lower.

The debate in last years presidential raise was in regards to Now President Obama’s stance on Taxation.
Trickle down economics in short is based on the belief that tax breast for the upper class will lead to greater production which would then lead to greater demand from consumers as well as job creation, which would also increase production. this is based on the belief that the supply is actually what determines the demand, and the profits obtained by the upper class who tend to be the creators and producers of goods and services will then trickle down to the subsequent other classes.

President Obama’s stance is that although that may sound like a working example in theory, the current results of the economic condition will actually point to the flaw in this thinking.
The antithesis of this ideals says that a tax break for the middle class will actually increase the demand as consumers will be able to keep more of their income and will then stimulate the economy by creating a greater demand for goods and services due to the fact that there are  now sufficient funds available for use in investing into products that meet consumer needs.

I neither agree or disagree with the stance, yet I can ascertain that any action taking towards the middle of anything is usually in an attempt to marginalize and eliminate the mid point as unnecessary
(Cut Out The Middle Man).

Its what we call a separation between the Hustlers and the Customers, and in any economic set up where exchange is involved (trade) a recession is a natural occurrence.

For those who may hear the term (RECESSION), and react one way or the other, it simply states that the economy is contracting in size and the money stays in the hands of fewer and fewer people.
The light will then be seen when we know that those FEW are actually producers/creators as opposed to consumers, so my minimized economic flow chart works as follows.

You have The Bank, as Party A,
and you have said organizations which act as

Party B

and C.

The bank and or government institutions issue capital to each party for the production of goods and services.

Party B and C both have heads of each organization who’s responsibility is to make the organization profitable , and that is usually determined by the greatest ability to produce goods and services with the least amount of overhead costs.

Party A & B both produce products for each other as a body and parcels in exchange for monetary gain, which is then reinvested back into the bank source in order to continue the circulation.

The recession factor then shows itself as necessary as an elimination process to cleanse the circle of circulation of that which is not necessary in the production cycle. Put another way, you are only important, so long as you are useful or necessary.

To bring the discussion back to the language of the common folk, I would refer to a script from a popular pice of literature.


From the Bible, Acts 20 (King James Version).

In everything I showed you that by working hard in this manner you must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

The simple reason is that in order to receive one must also give, and those who are primarily focused on consumption will be in lack of funds due to their own inability to produce that which serves the needs of others in exchange for monetary compensation.I question if any person who took the time out to read this post would have radially spent any money on something that did NOT serve their needs which was actually created or sold by another and the unemployment rate will continue to grow if individuals as such are looking for employment in order to earn money to invest into products, and are not productive enough to contribute to the production process of the company which they are seeking to attain employment from or retain employment at.

On that note, I commend President Obama, in his visit to my home state of California, which is one of the states with the worst economic climates for the time being.
On his Facebook Page, I was able to see a mutual agreement and similar taste in literature, as one of his few listed pieces is

Self-Reliance (Emerson).

My gut instinct leads me to believe that time will reveal that victory and defeat for most individuals will be determined by the concepts of the above listed literature.

As for me, in regards to supply and demand, if there was a demand for critical thinking literature from Emerson and others, as well as literature from

President Obama,
then there will be a demand for literature from me, which is being supplied to you as you read this. As far as the compensation is concerned, I trust that in due time,it will all come through in the wash, so I am eternally thankful that I have it to share in the first place.

My Motto-“Get it In Writing….. LITERALLY!”

A different perspective to consider.