2010 Mercedes Benz GLK – The Intelligent Luxurious Affordable Way


I have a secret to reveal
In all honesty, I do at times ponder on the actual validity of some of the luxury automobile posts as entries inside of the walls of this publication.

I guess I would have to say that its the
subliminal ghost of race and class that at times haunts most of us whether aware or not. None the less, I follow my instincts in regards to how the picture should look according to my preference, and the image above is what appeared in front of me upon searching!

Today I will speak on the new 2010 GLK Mercedes Benz, and its symbolic value of shifting and synthesizing viewpoints.

First and foremost, the automobile is being marketed for its compactness, as it is a good size smaller than the previous Luxury SUV models.

It was designed as such according to the need for individuals who have a taste for luxury to also communicate their respect and compassion for the environment, and flexibility regarding change,or what they are now classifying as going green.

While this model as of now still uses old fashion petroleum, its contribution to atmospheric pollution is substantially lesser and more cost effective gas millage wise, which address the primary gripe that is brought up in environmental and economic discussions regarding SUV’s in general.

All the while, nothing is lost in regards to the standard of excellence that is synonyms with Mercedes, as the interior still comes with all of the SUV features including GPS, cooler, wood grain dash, James Bond eject seats (wishful thinking), etc.

What actually caught my attention with this vehicle, are the 19-20 inch chrome wheels featured in one of the new commercials for the 2010 GLK, yet I am not able to find the same images, but rather the alloy wheel version. If and when I learn that Mercedes Benz is now offering
bling chrome wheels as vehicle stock, meaning you drive off the lot on chrome, I will be forever convinced that there is some marketing budget money from the DaimlerChrysler AG Corporation with my name on it, waiting to be deposited into my account.
Enough about me.

The last and perhaps most important element for many is the
reasonable price range.
As of  2006-2007, I have noticed that Mercedes as well as a few other German luxury auto makers always offered a vehicle model
at a sticker price of  between $29K-$39K MSRP.

In this particular case with the SUV model shrinking in size, it has also shrunken in price, while still maintaining its brand status, if not adding value to it in the process of minimizing. Less is more?

I invite you to take a full virtual tour of the vehicle at the link below.
Build Your Own GLK Model Here!

A different perspective to consider.