Are Myspace And Facebook on The Way OUT? Repost From October 17, 2008

(Editors Note 22 April 2009)

In the news, CEO and Co Founder Chris DeWolfe will be stepping down from his position and his contract will not be renewed.

Per AFP(Google News)


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SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) — MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe is stepping down as chief executive of the social network, according to MySpace owner News Corp. announcement.

News Corp.’s new chief digital officer Jonathan Miller said that “by mutual agreement, Mr. DeWolfe will not be renewing his contract and will be stepping down in the near future.”

In a statement, News Corp. also said that Miller was “in discussions” with MySpace president Tom Anderson which would have him “assuming a new role in the organization.”

News Corp. said DeWolfe will continue to serve on the board of MySpace China and be a strategic advisor to the company.

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I know that some of you reading this wont be very interested in this news, because its what insiders have to keep track of, but for those who are, a popular blogger from which many outlets draw information from regarding techworld news says its actually quite possible.
(Facebook & Myspace to Go South)

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We interrupt our regular programming with this “disturbing” post regarding an interesting trend reported by Web analytics and trending company Hitwise. Hitwise’s Top 5 Social Networking Websites Ranked by Market Share of U.S. Internet Visits showed that both MySpace and Facebook which are occupying the top two spots are suffering from a slowing growth. Is this a sign of what the future holds for social networking sites, or is the saturation of the social networking sites and the proliferation of niche social networks affecting these two top social networks?

According to the Hitwise report for, MySpace is still the number one social networking site in terms of market share despite suffering from a decline from July’s 68.23% to last August 2008’s 67.54% market share. Comparing this with August of last year’s 75.04%, means that MySpace suffered a -10% loss in market share.

Hot on the trail of MySpace is Facebook which despite of gaining 50% market share from August 2007’s 13.68%  to this year’s 20.56% still posted a loss from July’s 19.48%. This only shows that although Facebook has gained tremendous amount of market share for the past couple of months, it has all of sudden declined from July to August.