The Money Tree- First Fruits


Welcome Home & T.G.I.M. (Thank God It’s Monday)
Fun Flies When You’re Having A Good Time!

Today is another great day to demonstrate the effectiveness of sticking to the script.

Between us as friends, when you have individuals who give you the gut feeling of disbelief and doubt, it is extremely easy for any individual to then question themselves as to whether or not they are truly in touch with reality or are in fact bullshittin.

Yet and still, I have always believed it to be a test to see if what I claim to believe is actual, or fickle which would allow me to be swayed from my stance. When my book hits the digital shelves, you will gain a better understanding of my life and how certain situations actually have forced me to search for alternative ways of thinking, being, and doing in order to survive against some seemingly impossible odds, and that particular type of existence requires one key element which is often heard, yet seldom seen and demonstrated, which is authenticity.

At the end of the day, a picture is worth a thousand words, and since we exist in a world where money of often seen as proof, I conclude that we sometimes need to take the same stance as Jerry Maguire and verbalize the thought and emotion.


Show Me The Money!!!

My Response-


Seeing Is Believing, so
What You See,
Is What You Get!

Whether its a small or large amount depends on your count, yet for me, its actually the  principle of the matter which is important, and the representation of a popular buzz word around town, known as PROFITABILITY.

If any of us were to count as high as we can, all the way to googolplex squared, we would probably be wise to recall the number which started it all. Again, the mystery of this online publication is in the fact that I am never quite sure who is reading, or if anyone is reading at all, yet there is one person who I can always confirm is an avid supporter of the cause and it is actually the same individual who is pushing these buttons for the words to appear in this entry, so I will simply chalk it up as a gesture of gratitude on my part, and see what the movie will bring in front of me next.

I will close with a clip from a popular 80’s movie that always educates and inspires me in greater degrees each time that I see it.

It is what it is, and what it is, is…….(___Fill In The Blank___)