Do You Remember The Time?- Repost From November 18, 2008

(Editors Note- Thursday, June 25, 2009)

Michael Jackson Is ALIVE & WELL.
He walked to The Moon and is awaiting your arrival!
See You @ The Top

(End Note)

Welcome Back To The Greatest Show In The Galaxy.
The numbers are showing that this “Thing We Do” has began to take on some form of a
Cult Like Interest and Following.
Not my intention, yet if its what the streets are calling for, then like Tom Hanks in the classic flick
Castaway, at the end of the day, the package MUST BE DELIVERED!!!

So today’s events are as follows.
First and foremost, there is some construction work being done on my street as I type this entry.
The street itself is actually a fairly decent one, similar to what you may see in the suburbs of ANYWHERE AMERICA.Yet if upgrades are being done, then I simply read it as a sign that things and Upgrading And Elevating around me, so its in my best interest to stay the course and UPGRADE/ELEVATE with it.

When I logged on today after my coffee was finished percolating, when I arrived at my homepage, which is my second or maybe third favorite web destination
the subject title stater for today is

Why do songs get stuck in my head?

It starts so innocently: You hum how you want your baby back baby back baby back ribs. Only eight hours later, it’s not so fun anymore. Why do certain tunes just get stuck in your brain?

As of press time, I have not read this article as i saw it before my daily morning stroll to 7-11 or Circle K.
for whatever reason, the song title which is the title of this post is the song that popped up for some mysterious reason.

This song, and even more with the video, has always inspired me and fascinated me in regards to someones ability to put such a thing together.
Its extremely futuristic even though the concept is based on things that supposedly transpired in ancient times.

I have to inform you, that while at most times I am hesitant to get real TWILIGHT ZONE with The Pimpin, out of a concern for loosing some of you, it seems that it is exactly turning out to be the opposite opinion more and more and the actual appeal of this publication , so, chalk up another victory for

Its probably all due to a concept that I have been pondering on for much of this year, and that is the concept known as TIME.
It came back to the forefront, because I saw a commercial on The History Channel about a show about
The Life of Albert Einstein which actually airs tonight.

Keeping it down to earth, the way my mind works, I always tend to be amazed by people who don’t really seem to have plans for the future which is another way of saying WITHOUT GOALS.

Its the opposite for myself, and makes me feel like a bit of a weirdo, but this is nothing new, yet being the logical person that I am, I always seem to believe that

if a person does not have plans for the future, then they don’t have plans for the future…meaning they are not all the way sure that they are going to be here.

Perhaps its the reason why so many people I encounter are afraid of CHANGE, causing them to stick to what they know, which is not evolving but rather digressing.

The video posted up above says a lot about plans for the future because its always going to fall on the shoulders of some person to umm… CREATE IT.

If I way to say that i think outside the box, it indicates that I am inside the box, trying to think outside, yet since the opposite is true for me, I will have to think INSIDE THE BOX, and ponder as to the reason why although Magic Johnson who is a childhood Icon of mine and many others, has a situation in life that causes him to appear not that much different from how he appears in the video above, even though he
Caught The Koodies and went public with the disease not long after the Remember The Time video was actually created.

Ill take a quick break before I close out this post, so you know the drill.


Well, two things pop up for me in regards to remembering the time.
I actuality, the place that I reside and am broadcasting this game from, is actually in the
Inland Empire area of Southern California, which is a desert region.

Also, I am in a Valley which is in a city and county at the side of a river (Riverside) similar to the footage which is in the video above.

Secondly, there are plenty of fun things to do here, including casinos that never close which are located within minutes , within the borders of Native American Tribal Lands and Nation States.Also one of the main popular attractions is an amusement park known as
Pharaohs Lost Kingdom

Which is a place that I enjoy going to and my sons and nephew seem to enjoy even more so.

With all of that said, Ill spare you all of the details which will allow you the opportunity to add your own at which point you feel that you want to become a part of the story.

For the young ladies, I look and see that the new popular thing to do is quote words of wisdom, so just as some would say things such as

“As It Is Above, So It Is Below”


“What The Mind Of Man Can Conceive, He Can Achieve,”

I will give you one of my own to grown on. by saying

Today’s Events, Are A Result Of Yesterday’s Future Plans

A video is posted below from earlier in the year, to give you some visual aids in regards to the possibilities,
which are Endless.

Is this what happens when I have TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS???!!!
Teachers use to always say that I Used Time Unwisely on my report card.
Go Figure!
If you want to come and hang…JUST ASK-

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