Briana Evigan Gets Gangsta On Everybody… R.B. Lends His Support

Welcome to September.
If you made it to the “ber” months, at least partially sane, your luck is good, so be glad.

Following up on yesterdays entry on The Science Of Celebrity this is where  we landed today.

As I was checking my notes on Myspace, I saw this interesting title enrty
Briana Evigan Gets “Gangsta On Everybody”
that I decided to check, and if it got my attention, then chances are its something that would be worth your time to have a look at too.

Lets view the video before we begin todays discussion.
Famous Hangers – Briana Evigan

I have something personal to share with you today. The human side of me does, at times, get irritated with a certain type of thinking, yet as usual, I seem to always come up with a perfect solution.

In this particular case, I do and have come across certain individuals who’s thinking leads them to discredit the effectiveness and validity  of as a publication and brand stating that it is perhaps too ethnic for lack of a better term. Interestingly enough, what I have also found is that these are usually individuals who would like to or are trying to reach a certain status in the entertainment industry and something such as would be the last thing to consider as worthwhile,  if at all.

On the same token, but on the flip side, if the young lady above and others who really are on the covers of magazines, featured in blockbuster films, and walking and posing on red carpets with designer outfits provided to them by the designers themselves, believe that
Gettin Gangsta On Everybody”  is the first and best move to make, I guess I will just have to continue to concentrate on the ones that matter and leave the want and try to be this or that type of people to their own beliefs. I am just a
do what works kinda guy, so its what you make it, as usual.

With that said, when I saw the name Briana Evigan, the name didn’t really stand out, yet when I saw her image, I knew that I had seen her in a feature that interested me recently, but the name of feature slipped my mind.

Luckily, it wasn’t anything that a simple Google search couldn’t fix, and here is what I came up with, if you like me, didn’t know either.
She, Briana Evigan, is the girl that starred in the movie
Step Up 2 The Streets, and I can see that it simply took me to see her keepin it hood for me to easily recognize her.
Go figure.

This is simply a publicity entry for the upcoming film
Sorrority Row, which is set for release in a few days to the best of my knowledge.

It is something that I would go and see, and it actually reminds me of something that I see quite often around these parts, so I will be heading back to the lab to work on a project that I believe the world is closer to being ready for. As a hint,
sororities, like anything else, got their start somewhere, and for some reason, and as they say in psychology, all motivation stems from an unmet need.

Stay tuned, and for the ladies looking to “Get Gangsta”,
dont try this at home……
Get up, go out,
and do it in the streets!

A different perspective to consider.

See You At The Top
( And Bring A Friend!!)

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name