Go Daddy Girl vs. PimpHop Girl

Lets see here.
Speaking from the heart is the usual routine around these parts, so today is a day which confirms that sticking to the script proves to be the best policy in the long run.

Perhaps its simply a bias, due to the fact that I am sitting behind a dot com of my own, yet it always seems like the main attraction in regards to Super Bowl commercials revolves around a company that actually assists others in getting their start in the online arena.

As for the reasons why Bob Parsons the Go Daddy staff utilize the aid of sexually attractive feminine props is a mystery to most, yet contrary to the types of responses that we would receive for such a stance, it appears to be a solid sales pitch, solid enough to warrant a large investment into Super Bowl advertisements just to drive the point home, as was shown in yesterdays Super Bowl commercial lineup with invitations to view the uncut and unrated Too Hot for TV versions that you really want to see on the Internet, which is where we are now.

In times past, I could have thrown in the double standard race card theory into the discussion, yet since we currently have an African American President in America, we can just chalk it all up as a matter of timing, keep it grassroots, and apply the “beat it into their heads until they get it” formula, and close by stating that

Orders from up top are to create new jobs and stimulate the economy and its recovery, so for those courageous enough and interested in applying some unorthodox approaches, when the usual methods have proven ineffective, submit an inquiry for employment oppurtunities here.

Got it?
Good, now on with the show.