Google Buzz – From A Pimp Perspective

8:58 am

Dave Johns - Buzz - Public

How can something called “Buzz” kill FB? Google should have given it a catchier name, like “Orkut.” PS, StephButthead, when are you going to hire me to launch Google Porn?

Anna Smith - I will put money down on google porn.9:50 am
Stephanie Hannon - Great, thanks to you, my first ever public buzz comment is about porn. Blasted!1:24 pm

Ok, now I get it. Google quickly put rumors of purchasing Twitter to rest because they figured that they could offer something better, and give Facebook a run for their online social networking dominance.

I just tried it out for the first time as they caught me slippin in my Gmail box and added the service inside of the left task panel, and in all actuality, I think Google may have pulled off an upset already, even though many question the real value of the service and whether or not it can lure users away from the other services.

What I just stated explains it, as I didn’t get lured away from anything, and as opposed to having to leave my Gmail box to respond to a message on another site that sent a notification to my email address, I can stay in the house and do my thing all the same.

If I was a Google exec and wanted to clown out, I would merge the service with You Tube, but that would require us all to do Pimpish things, so I will just leave it up as a free idea.

The real value that will catch on in just a few moments in when by accident, conducting a regular Google searchfrom the search bar of my email box, it turned out to be a Google Buzz search, and all I can say is that the whole entire media and way that it functions can now be considered as permanently  altered to the extent that search engines in themselves have altered the way that business was once conducted.

Take my word for it, stakes are extremely high in this venture and whoever saw what the future should look like and then proceeded to create it, as opposed to just trying to improve on the current status quo, is movin’ on up, just like The Jeffersons.

If all of that is too technically inclined, just sign up for an account here, save it for later, then when its the trendy thing that all of the other kids are doing and you want to do it too, you can keep it pimp ,and officially claim that it is old news to you as you have had an account there since February 2010.