Why Are You So Lonely?

Greetings Earthlings!
We are almost half way finished with the month of April 2010, and since we only get one April 2010 in a lifetime, I figured it best to make the most of it.

Today’s topic should be of interest to a great number of people online and the world at large which appears to be slowly becoming one and the same, and I will first explain why the topic of discussion came up in the first place.

Being the type of person that I am, always looking for new and improved ways to make life better for self and others, the overall goal is to make this online publication one of the most premier destinations on the web, which requires that I look into subject matters that relate to the greatest number of souls and their common interests, and it requires continuous study in regards to emerging trends in this new frontier known as cyberspace.

What the experts are noticing is an alarming trend, which demonstrates that as the abilities to connect and interact improve with the aid of technology, the degree of loneliness, and it’s usual side effect of depression are also improving and increasing at an alarming rate. Por que, or why so, if you are not bi lingual?

I have been watching certain shows on television such as Dr. Phil, Dr.Oz and other intelligent um.. white people, as of the past six months, and from my perspective, as controversial as it may sound, it seems as if crazy is the new normal, and being that I tend to focus on solutions, I will just offer my two cents from a novice perspective to see what type of solutions we can work together to come up with.

Simply put, it would seem that loneliness is a state of dependency that requires company and input from others, in order to get your fix and with the start of the online social networking phenomenon at Myspace, watchdog groups actually took offense to the marketing campaign of the prior number one social networking site which was that it was/is addicting.

MySpace is a place for friends to reunite, and to meet new people. It’s a place to share pictures, memories, music, and videos. It’s fun to send messages back and forth to your friends and family, especially if they live far away or you don’t see them much. This seems pretty innocent, so why do many people get addicted to MySpace? Article Link.

Perhaps this is an example of how the astronomical yet often underestimated value of street smarts play a part in the long run because there is a concept known as a gateway drugs, which after continuous consumption lead users in search of higher highs, so perhaps what is occurring is similar to a progression from alcohol and marijuana, to cocaine, to crack, to methamphetamine to …… Facebook and Twitter addiction?

There is nothing new under the sun from what I have been told, and this includes the subject of fads, yet there are new and improved ways to sell products, so interestingly enough, there is in fact a new emerging trend known as FAD (Facebook Addiction Disorder) with an actual page on Facebook that you can visit should you have an interest in the subject.

To be diagnosed as having Facebook Addiction Disorder, a person must meet certain criteria. At least 2 or 3 of the following 6 criteria must be present at any time during a 6-8 months period:

1) The first thing is tolerance. This refers to the need for increasing amounts of time on Facebook to achieve satisfaction and/or significantly diminished effect with continued use of the same amount of time. They often have multiple Facebook windows opened at any one time. 3 is usually a sign and over 5 you’re helpless.

2) After reduction of Facebook use or cessation, it causes distress or impairs social, personal or occupational functioning such as wondering why your Vista is so fast and improved etc. These include anxiety; obsessive thinking about what is written on your wall on Facebook etc.

3) Important social or recreational activities are greatly reduced and or migrated to Facebook. Instead of sending an email you post a message on your friend’s page about canceling a lunch appointment. You now stop answering your phone call from your Mom and insist she should contact you through Facebook chat.

4) This is getting serious if you start kissing your girlfriend’s home page or a VRML virtual walk through a park is your idea of a date.

5) Your bookmark takes 20 minutes just to scroll from top to bottom or 8 of 10 people in your friend’s list you have no idea of who they are.

6) When you meet people you start introducing yourself by following “see you in Facebook” or your dog has its own Facebook profile. You invite anyone you’ve met and any notifications, messages and invites reward you with an unpredictable high, much like gambling.

The rules of the game state that you can never be mad at the seller so long as the buyer is buying, yet from a business standpoint, all things balance out as websites with hundreds of millions of active users have yet to prove to investors and advertisers that the popularity of a website is a guarantee of profitability for a website and its advertisers.

There is of course the age old adage of misery needing company, and perhaps company on some level actually needs misery, meaning the two actually consume each other.

The Solution?


A picture is worth a thousand words, and here is one picture to add to the thousands of words and pictures already found within the walls of this online publication.

My current focus is on the creation of opportunities for those who wish to participate to come outside and play with the kool kids which is explained in clear detail in the Lifestyle Section of this online publication, and since this is in fact an Online Lifestyle Magazine, it is simply an alternative for those who may find it useful and valuable should it be made available.

Again, it is just a personal challenge to myself, to offer help those who can and truly deserve to be helped, which is actually my own homemade remedy for the subject matter of this post.

“The most effective remedy for LONELINESS, is a focus on and handling of BUSINESS” – Rylan Branch

I love my job, and the pay is great too.

A different perspective to consider.