(Repost) 5 Principles For A Successful Life – Book Review

(Editors Note – April 15, 2010)

I am about to head out to the UC Riverside library to do some research on communication, and perhaps test out what I already know with some willing attractive female participants, so I will leave you with this post from the archives of May 2009, with an extremely interesting fact, which is that Micheal Jackson’s name and face were for whatever reason added to the entry, which history has now recorded were during his last two months of life on Earth. It is what it is, and what it is is actually what you make it be, in my humble opinion.

(End Note)


While checking out the Greta show yesterday, I was able to see the interview with Newt and Jackie Gingrich Cushman regarding their recently released father and daughter collaborative project book entitled
The 5 Principles For A Successful Life- From Our Family To Yours.

News Corp is generally in support of the Republican Party, so an endorsement of this piece of work on the Greta show came as no surprise as Newt Gingrich is one of the Top Dogs in the Republican Party.

As far as the game of politics goes, my stance is  non partisan, as I believe that authentic wisdom is impartial to political stances.

In the interview, they actually laid out the actual 5 principles that are discussed in the book along with commentary from noteworthy successful people.

1. Dream Big
2. Work Hard
3. Enjoy Life
4. Learn Everyday
5. Be True To Yourself

Amazon actually has a video available with Tavis Smiley endorsing the DREAM BIG  principle as he is one of the various contributors to the work.

There are a large array of success principle books on the market, and my own will be available as soon as the
Kindle E-Reader has a sufficient amount of owners and users, yet I cannot overstate the idiom that success if most definitely intertwined with matters of principle!

Off The Wall from
Michael Jackson is playing as I complete this.

A bonus successful life principle from us to you!

See You At The Top
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