Are You Bored?

bor·ing? ?[bawr-ing, bohr]
a.the act or process of making or enlarging a hole.
b.the hole so made.
2.Geology. a cylindrical sample of earth strata obtained by boring a vertical hole.
3.borings, the chips, fragments, or dust produced in boring.

For a long time, I like you thought that boring was a state of being, yet the dictionary does say otherwise. Then again, just like words rhyme for a reason, words in English tend to have a similar meaning at the root even if the context is different.

In plain terms, it looks like bored has something to do with having or making a hole, and that would make sense as I think boring in the way that we are used to hearing it indicates some form of lack or emptiness, meaning being without something or perhaps someone, to keep the mind, body, and spirit occupied.

I have a few minutes left before my clothes are finished tumbling in the dryer, so I decided to go ahead and see what we can come up with together, as part of my job description entails the duty of keeping the viewers and participants entertained.

Lets see here.
Boredom, it is what it is, and whoever feels it knows it.

What is the solution for the problem known as boredom which results in stuck status on various levels including economic conditions?

I would have to side with the President, and say that STIMULUS is the only effective  remedy.

How It All Got Started!


1.something that incites to action or exertion or quickens action, feeling, thought, etc.: The approval of others is a potent stimulus.
2.Physiology, Medicine/Medical. something that excites an organism or part to functional activity.

See, it says right there in the definition that the approval of others is a potent stimulus, and that is what many people tend to be in search of when online and in the world at large.. right?

Lets see what we can come up with, as it’s been proven that when it comes to politics in America, the winner is the group with the livest party!

“Bored To Death, Or Stimulated To Life?
Decisions,Decisions.” Rylan Branch

A different perspective to consider.