JUDGMENT DAY – Now What's Your Story?

Before I head out, I just wanted to get this on the menu before I forget about it again.

Judgment Day is a popular concept in Judeo-Christian faiths
( Judaism, Islam, Christianity), and it carries much emotional punch for many, including the non religious types for some reason, so I felt inspired to open up the topic for discussion to hear opinions or at least inspire individuals to form an informed opinion regarding the matter.

My two cents are that Judgement Day may simply reflect a day and age that was predicted to come, which reflects a time where a majority of the television and radios shows are based on the concept of individuals judging and being judged by others,

and increasingly popular online social networking websites aiding and abetting individuals in judging and being judged by their friends, family, and peers on their

appearances, preferences, and character portrayals to the extent that much if not all of their time and energies will show to be consumed by this obsession with the end results being (*****).

For all we know, maybe Facebook really is a BOOK, so again

JUDGMENT DAY – Now What’s Your Story?

A different perspective to consider.