Kendra Says "You Cant Turn A Ho Into A Housewife"

Humpday It Is!
Yes, you read the title correctly, and the ability to tell it like it is is what brings many of you to to get The Game how it really goes, so lets see whats on the menu for today.

If you aint up on things, the story is unfolding which shows that Kendra Wilkenson actually is reported to have filmed a sex tape prior to her arrival within the ranks of Playboy Enterprises, and subsequent career as a solo entertainer and socialite currently married with children along with NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett who was a participant in the 2010 Superbowl.

Interestingly enough as an odd coincidence, both she and Kim Kardashian both have or have had relationships with members of the opposing teams of the 2010 Superbowl, and both actually appear as reality show stars on the
E Channel, and Kendra can now even the odds with the introduction of her new celebrity sex tape to match the previous release from Vivid Entertainment featuring Kim Kardashian.

The difference between Hip Hop and Pimp Hop has been demonstrated once again, when we see that for whatever reason the ladies seem to continuously show to be the main attraction and stars of the shows, but enough about that, lets get to the story.

Word on the street says that damage control is being done to salvage the marriage between Kendra and Hank, and that the real cause of the static is not so much the actual tape, but the alleged attempt by Kendra to actually market, promote, and sell the tape during the time of the couple engagement period, unbeknown to Hank Basset.

Numerous reports have said that the San Diego native attempted to sell the tape herself back in 2008 when she was engaged to Baskett. But since getting married and giving birth to a baby boy last year, the 24-year-old has apparently had a change of heart and has hired a lawyer in attempt to stop her dirty laundry from being exposed.

According to Life & Style, Wilkinson’s husband is “totally upset and embarrassed,” and concerned about how his wife’s sex tape will affect his NFL career.

Apparently Baskett comes from a religious family, so this can’t be sitting well with them.

Before we move further in the discussion, let the record reflect that I actually support Kendra’s position prior to the news being made public.

It does not take a rocket scientist, but rather a pocket scientist to put together the pieces which reflect that ho’s tend to have history, and any attempt by significant others to be in denial about the history when considering a long term commitment will at some point be caused to reevaluate the decision, usually at a very large expense.

While I do fully agree with the human ability to change, I know for certain that it would need to be something that is desired by the individual who is considering making the changes, based on the belief that changes are necessary in the first place.

The record should reflect that Kendra was apart of the Playboy Establishment prior to her introduction to her current husband, and it is commonly known that a certain type of lifestyle associated with Playboy does entail what some would view as extravagant sexual behavior at times, so the idea of shock and surprise by Baskett or any of his family members based on this one instance of a sex tape being exposed is grossly hypocritical to say the least.

The reasons behind why I applaud and throw my support behind Kendra is due to the fact that the one thing that sets her apart from the many others that have come from the Playboy Enterprise fold, is that she started with, and has maintained a

“business is a pleasure, and pleasure is a business” stance, which if properly managed, would lead the couple to a better result in regards to both of their careers in entertainment, and Hank Baskett and other opponents of Kendra’s stance and prior actions should actually applaud Kendra for her abilities to earn and hold her own in the world of showbiz, as opposed to the traditional real house/trophy wife,  should the career of her husband take a turn for the worse and she be required to cover the cost to maintain an above average financial and lifestyle status by using her mind and body to serve the demands of the viewing audience similar to her husband in his occupation as a professional athlete.

In closing, while it is often said that rules are made to be broken, my stance is that certain rules are set in stone and are made to be spoken, so that when they are broken, they can again be spoken, and turn the rule breaker into an example token.

The Rule –

You Can’t Turn A Ho Into A Housewife… Which Is NOT To Say That You Can’t Turn A Housewife Into A Ho.

Its just my opinion, and just like a Cadillac Escalade, just about everyone and their momma has one these days!

A different perspective to consider.