(Repost) Money Matters – Part 1

(Editors Note – May 19, 2010)
I am on the night  shift now that I have just finished watching the
Lakers vs. Suns game, and with the amount of advertisement that  TNT is giving to Ice Cube’s upcoming sitcom, it lets me know that I really do need to elevate my game and stay focused on getting it in writing.

I am requesting your preferences for topics to discuss that you actually want to read about as I am here to report the news, so be sure to remember that it is your show, and I just work here , sweeping and mopping floors.

For whatever reason, one subject that pops up frequently with people that I deal with is the dinero, and with The President of Mexico visiting The Obama’s at The White House today, I bet the topic wound up in the discussion as well, so perhaps you will find this first part of a four part series from last years archives helpful, because while I don’t really know much, I know enough to see that just like anything else, like riding a bike for example, it first begins with the thought of it.

(End Note)

I’m not sure if this kind of language is up your alley,
yet with all of the media attention on money, I believe that this post may prove to be relevant on some level.

Here is a different perspective on matters of money from this guy
Bob Proctor, whom some of you are familiar with from the popular production known as The Secret. Interestingly enough, one of his sons is actually an aspiring rapper.
Go figure.

(Editors Note- March 07, 2009)
Correction. it is actually Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup For The Soul, who’s son is an aspiring rapper.