Is Your Head On Straight? – True Life Story

The reason that the question is asked is because I was on the computer checking some stats and well, I heard some sobbing coming from out in front of the house.

This is an extremely quite suburb and it is just a few moments past 3:00 in the am, I thought it was the neighbor or young people who live accross the street, so I looked out of my window and saw a young Paris Hilton looking, Lindsay Lohan acting  type of girl sitting on the curb sobbing directly in front of my house.

I went out to see if she was alright and she said her phone was dead and that her friends had left her stranded on my particular street for some reason. I let her use the house phone and she called some dude who refused to come and get her, so she asked me to speak to him and I did.

I asked what was going on and could they please come and get her, and he said

“dude, that chic is psycho. She started talking crazy to us so I just walked away.”

Of course this is not the first time I have witnessed such a scenario play out, yet what is in question is how much of this behavior is now the new normal, which reflects the exact same scenarios on reality shows and online social networking dialog.

Perhaps it is simply age as I do not get out very much to socialize and analyze, yet interestingly enough it was brought directly to my doorstep along with the police cruising down the street a good 20-30 minutes later.

Once I came to the conclusion that the situation was out of my control and I could do no more, I grabbed the phone and went in the house, which caused her to get up and now, start walking down the street, and as I wished her luckk, her response was…

yeah, I’ll probably get raped or murdered.

Moral Of The Story?

Messes like those drain my batteries.
I’m just reporting the news as it may be time for some adjustments on my part.