Pleasure And Pain

It is my honor and pleasure to introduce
Nikki Rashsan, author of
Double Pleasure Double Pain, an Urban Books Feature.

Actually, it gives me pleasure to know that as a child, after always hearing masters of crermonies on television and in movies say that same phrase and wanting to be in the position to do at some point in the future, and now doing as such at present time, I have a confirmation that makes the popular claim that “a person can do whatever they set their minds to” an actual reality as opposed to a wishful thought with results never attained.

Lastly, in regards to myself, before we move to the news that you came to read, which is about you and yours, it is a pleasure for me to see that this young woman is actually able to earn a living doing what she enjoys which is writing stories, as there seems to always be a necessity for this occupation regardless of any economic climate in any society at any time, as the climate itself and associated economic philosophy (capitalism,socialism,etc) are all also stories that a person or group of people wrote at some point prior to the conditions.

” I find immense pleasure and joy in creating characters and writing their stories to share with you…”

-Nikki Rashsan
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Back to the lecture at hand, I have been conducting intense study for the past two years in regards to the reasons why we do what we do, including, but not limited to moving forward, sitting still, staying on the grind, wasting time, etc.

The basics always show that everything happens for a reason, and that mysterious reason is simply because of how we as people think and feel, which leads to the decisions that we make, to the actions we they take, which leads to the results that we get. Put in an even more simple form, the reason why we reap what we reap, is because of what we sow.

Getting to the nitty gritty, the experts seem to all agree on one point, which is that at the most basic level, it all boils down to pleasure and pain.

The basic rule is that humans like other animal species are pleasure seeking, and pain avoiding organisms, and what makes humans a special breed is that much of it has to do with pain and pleasure on a mental and emotional level.

The game gets deep when the experts say that for most people, pain avoidance is more powerful than pleasure seeking as a motivational factor, meaning many will do more to avoid something that is painful, as opposed to moving towards something that is pleasurable.

You will need to wait for my unreleased works to be published to discover what my findings are in regards to the usual end results of this pain avoidance tendency on a global scale,  yet for now, we can simply use this time and discourse as a house cleaning exercise to separate the good stuff from the junk, so that each can assume their own most suitable position.

Traditionally, I see people falling  into two categories over all.

A. Over Achievers
B. Under Achievers

Each has their own particular tendencies and attitudes that can be distinguished with a watchful eye. What I am noticing about social networking or social media, is that the same thing that happens in life, which is that people group themselves together with those who they can best identify with and relate to, takes place in arenas of congregation on the web in a nearly identical fashion.

The alarm rings when it is stated that Facebook now has a half billion active users, which is most likely overstated, yet even an overstatement to this degree is a relevant point to ponder upon in my opinion.

From the eye of an owl or eagle, it appears that more people are achieving less, and that less people are achieving more, and when more people share their lack (under achievement) with each other, the lack increases at an exponential rate.

Again, people will gather themselves with those who the best can relate to, and identify with, which in my opinion is great news leading to more great and better news  for the few who are gaining, and not so good news leading to more terrible news for the many who are draining.

If this all boggles the brain, the simplicity of the matter that I will leave you with is that upon thorough analysis, I see that the great news group (Over Achievers) tend to be focused on what they find to be a pleasure and moving towards it, while the not so good news group  (Under Achievers) are primarily focused on what they perceive a potential and actual pain which they seek to avoid and or cope with.
Interestingly enough, both seem to get more of what they are focused on and asking for, which is more and greater pleasure to focus on and move towards, or greater pain to focus on and move away from, as if the pain to be avoided would disappear if the mind was fully focused on the pleasure to be attained, or put in an even more simplistic way,

What You See Is What You Get.

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