Mel Gibson – Mad Max

The game has seem to have gotten fairly chilly on Mel Gibson, and I guess as an African American male, I am supposed to be up in arms because he said the
IN WORD” and we are supposed to be programmed to feel stressed and disturbed when certain people say it, yet the funny thing about this story is that while chatting with a great friend online a few minutes ago, I recalled that Mel is actually O.G. Gangster Max Rockatansky from the Mad Max story back in the eighties.

I cannot sit here with an honest face and tell you that those movies didn’t have an impact on me as a youth, especially the last feature Mad Max 3 – Beyond Thunderdome with Tina Turner as a co star..

Even Tupac and Dr. Dre did a remake of the California Love Video with the same post apocalyptic, end of the world theme.

Go figure.