The Crossroads – Soul Progression vs. Soul Regression

(T.G.I.F.) Thank God It’s Freeday!

Thank you for tuning in during the week, and in regards to an explanation as to why I have been away for the whole of last week, you would most likely NOT believe me if I told you so I will wait for a later date to show you for yourself with your own eyes so that you can form a more informed belief decision.

During my time away, I had a chance to thoroughly ponder on this thing that we use to relate and communicate known as
the web, and the past, present,and estimated future of whats to come via these words and pictures on the screen.

Since I am away from my usual location and not feeling talkative, I will keep it brief.

From what I have observed over the past ten years, the word that describes it best is change, working in two directions which are better and worse.

When confronted with uncertainty, people will make one of two decisions that will lead to overall end results.

The first decision is REGRESSION.
This is the choice that people make who are in fear of the unknown, and its most popular version, known as the future. When elements are presented that pose an uncertain future, this individual will seek out comfort in that which is familiar to them in regards to people, places, and things. When this is the state of affairs, we will notice a lack of movement and progress, and a redundancy of what already exists with out any departure from it, or evolution of it with an actual result of moving backwards and in the opposite direction of growth.

The other decision is PROGRESSION.
This is a choice that people make who await and embrace the unknown, and its most popular version known as the future. Their thoughts look to fill in the blanks of what the future will bring through the creation of people, places and things and associated conditions which are a result of them, meaning they seek to make a better way and use the situation of change in the present time as inspiration and opportunity to develop anew.

This by no means is a judgment call comparison between the two as both have their equal share of comforts and displeasure. It is to say that again, each has its lasting end result, and both are revealed through the process of time, which is how we as humans measure change.

In closing, as of late, I have been attracting and gravitating towards more

creative souls, with actual clear and articulate visions of how things should be, as well as a tenacity for using their powers to make it so, and they are usually confronted with the counter effect of the fear factor with people, places, and things that are reluctant to evolve through a fear of change hence the dividing line known as the crossroads has been drawn on the map to avoid a traffic jam.

I will be dedicating more of my time to providing support systems and services for these types of individuals, as the truth will again show that this online publication was developed in large part for others to have their voice in regards to solutions that work for the betterment of self others, so with that said, I invite you to choose your own path as time waits for no one and each will at some point be marginalized to a direction.

Stay Tuned.