Is Divorce Cause For Celebration Or Mourning?- Elin Nordigen Story

"Money doesn't make you happy, but I have to be honest, it is making some things easier." - Elin Nordegren

Thanks to Tiger Woods for adding value to the “Euro Models” in a way that perhaps only he can, which is rumored to be in the neighborhood of $100 million dollars for now ex wife and baby – momma Elin Nordigen.

Of course this story and its unfolding plot has given the media machine and its consumers plenty to feed into and feed off, so the least we can do is just upgrade the nutritional content quality of the meal by looking at the matter more in depth.

Let us use our brains. When it comes to the decision to file for divorce, do you believe that it was a personal or business decision, and if it was in fact a business decision, do you also believe that the marriage decision was also a business decision on the part of one or both parties in the first place?

I am of the type to ask a relevant yet somewhat outspoken question, which is as to whether or not Elin would have considered any involvement with Tiger if his financial status was different and also if his ethnicity was different along with his financial and social status. In other words, would Elin or any of Tiger’s mistresses have dated, associated, and or do the do with a darkie with any less notoriety and social status, and just because he was a good/bad guy?

From what I am told, their real viewpoint on the matter is that at the end of the day U.S. currency is green, and plastic charges the same regardless of its color, except for

Visa and American Express Black Cards perhaps..Just kidding.

Removing the ethnicity factor out of the equation, we can actually look at the important matter of this discussion which is in regards to whether or not more and more marriages and divorces are actually business decisions at the root?

It is not a new question as to whether or not love or money, power, and sex  are the motivating factors in male female relationships, and relationships in general, and my particular interest was enhanced recently when a news anchor on the Fox Morning News Show clearly congratulated Elin on the divorce stating that she was now, young, single, and….rich so good for her.

In closing, although there is still usually a cause for celebration after a wedding, it seems that the demand is increasing for divorce parties at an astronomical rate in America which may lead to an actual increase of divorce in itself as it become more and more of a desired end result, like a deal closing signature.

Where do we go from here?