Paris Hilton – Coke And A Smile

Coke Is It! - Paris Hilton Coke Campaign 2010

Moving right along.
The first question that needs to be answered is in regards to exactly why this is relevant news. Do the life and times of Paris Hilton affect the state of the economy and other important matters on a grand global scale?

My answer is that it most certainly does, and in the position that I am in at a Lifestyle Publication, I have to question just how much of an affect Paris Hilton has on many young and even some older women who are on the outside looking in, who see that her behavior, whether healthy or unhealthy is getting Paris Hilton the results that many young women desire, which is simply to be popular and pampered, giving them a type of attitude to emulate on the web and in the world at large.This plays a tremendous part in economic matters as it (economics) really does show to be based on who what and where time, resources, and money is being invested in, and the return on the investment.

Having been in the same physical location as Paris Hilton and her contemporaries many times over, what tends to stand out for me is the fact that with all of this and that which they are shown to have, problems included,  they tend to be in lack of something that others watching possess, and we can call it soul, for abundance of better words.

I actually think Paris Hilton, like a few or maybe many people,
is often mis understood, and another way to look at the scenario is in the fact that she most likely has never known the feeling of having just enough money to get a bottle of $3.oo wine or some beer, along with perhaps a nickle bag of weed, and just enough gas for her and her friends to drive the bucket to the spot in the cut where there is a lesser chance of being bothered by law enforcement, which in my opinion is one of the only ways to know who her BFF’s are, which can be classified as hood love.

In closing, yes, some white girls and people in general with surplus funds, have actually been known to do
” white girl” with their friends and associates, regardless of who is the actual purchaser of her/it is, so from a marketing standpoint, if the public keeps buying into the Paris Hilton saga, for love or hates sake, I cannot seem to picture myself standing against Paris, her representatives as well as her contemporaries for selling the story, as in a pimpish kind of way, the behavior of PH actually creates jobs, one of which has the same initials in its title.

A different perspective to consider.