It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp – Time Is The Test

Whats Good In The Hood?
This is just a brief entry in preparation of the up coming roll outs  after Labor Day, as we begin to change seasons and prepare for the leaves to begin to fall.

Doing some reflecting on how exactly I arrived at this point, I remembered that this film (Hustle & Flow) was actually nominated for an Academy Award in 2006 as it was made and released in 2005. It was actually the same year that I returned from Atlanta after spending around eight months on a mission in the city, and to my surprise, although the movie was not actually awarded the honor of Best Picture, the song by  Three 6 Mafia
“Hard Out Here For A Pimp” which was a part of the soundtrack,  won the award for that category, which led to a subsequent performance of the song at the 2006 Academy Awards Show and a new found interest in the culture for many.

Out of all of the songs available, why was this one selected by the Academy for Best Song, along with a plain clothes performance which was well received by the audience at the show and after parties, leading to an attempt at creating a reality show

(Adventures In Hollyhood) set up to explore the mystery?

My take is that there is a certain story that is just waiting to be told, which some Hollywood insiders know about, which many would find challenging to believe, but irresistible to the viewers mind at the same time.

Hustle and flow it hard out here for a pimp
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Stay Tuned!