Social Media WHITE FLIGHT – Do "Darkies" Undermine Social Network Property Value?

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Just when I was going to take a weekend for myself to relax, certain females show up to let me know that as of current press time, that is simply not a feasible option, so on with the show!

Getting right to the meat of the matter, an incident took place yesterday while at Best Buy with a sales rep automatically concluding that I was a “know not” due to my appearance, which eludes to an even bigger story regarding what is taking place in the arena of the computer technology industry and Internet social media.

When it comes to the social media website Facebook, a mandate has been put into place to guard against the mass migration from Myspace to Facebook, where the ability to add the same amount of friends has been neutralized. That would be in the best interest of Facebook simply though attempting to avoid the same fate as Myspace which is a decline in Internet property value.

Putting it into a language that we all can relate to, Myspace is considered now to be the hood, where as Facebook is considered to be the suburbs, and we all know what happens when darkies get an opportunity to get in where they fit in in the suburbs.

Raisin In The Sun - New Millennium Version Cast

White flight

White flight” is the sociologic and demographic term denoting a trend wherein whites flee urban communities as the minority population increases, and move to other places like commuter towns

The more expert insider talk has to do with the interesting studies currently being conducted which relate to Twitter, and how the trending topics seem to appear more and more reflective of urban speak or ebonics for abundance of a better word.

How Black People Use Twitter

The latest research on race and microblogging.

Call #wordsthatleadtotrouble a “blacktag”—a trending topic initiated by a young African-American woman in Hollywood, pushed to a wider audience by a black woman in South Africa, and then pushed over the top by thousands of contributions from users who appear to be black teenagers all over the United States. This story is not at all out of the ordinary on Twitter. #wordsthatleadtotrouble was one of a few such tags that hit the trending topics list on Monday—others included #ilaugheverytime and #annoyingquestion—and it’s typical of the sort of tag that pops up almost daily. (A new one, #wheniwaslittle, hit Tuesday morning.) Article Link

My response is KNOW COMMENT!This entry is not to discredit anyone’s business strategy as I just follow an important piece of advice that I was given in childhood, which is to
mind my own business”.

What I will state for the record is that once again, everything happens for a reason, and when it comes to the validity and relevance of people of color in the realm of Social Media, it falls on my shoulders to state for the record that the current social networking standard platform actually began back in the beginning of the new millennium with a website that is still live on the web.

Continuing on with that line of thinking, when the Facebook founders were still in high school taking care of hacker duties and Myspace was
non existent, the good old fashioned rate the girlies phenomenon which is the current activity on leading social networking websites was in effect back in 2001 with an also still active website owned and operated by BET known as Shine.

SHINE Beauty of the Day!!

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In closing, in regards to matters of value, for those interested in my opinion, venture capitalists and angel investors included, I would conclude that like all matters, property value and value in general is simply a matter of perspective, and an interesting one that is worthy of notice reflects that creators of this card

Never Leave Home Without It!

viewed the color of it as an addition of value to the highest degree.

A different perspective to SERIOUSLY consider.