Victorias Secret Revealed – PH Exclusive!!!

Job Creation Made Simple!

Greetings Earthlings.
This Tuesday Newsday installment will be a different approach as we flip the game to an urban legend style format to see what grows from the seed that is sown.

We have all been given a mind to use, as well as twenty four hours under the sun each and every day which is what makes us equal, and I just happen to be somewhat of a wierd soul who uses much of his mind power to ponder on how to go about making my visions an actual reality, and in this case, it entails the method behind motivating attractive women to willingly walk around in my presence in their undies to see what my response is and grade that I give.

Of course while out and about, I continuously see women in all shapes, sizes, and colors, walking around various malls with a pink colored bag with some Victoria’s  Secret store items that they purched, with a sense of pride and anticipation of someones response, and I believe that at some point, although they may simply be satisfied with their own self assessment, nothing in the galaxy could be better than my different and unique perspective to consider!

On with the story, I have at a few points in time, actually shared this information with some young women at the mall, and have forgotten to put the writing on the wall for our viewers who like to stop by and anonymously sneak a peak at the inner working of the thought process of Rylan Branch, so lets satisfy the demand shall we?

Again, this is purely fictional and of urban legend folklore, yet obviously, if the company named after Victoria has a secret, some thought on a concious or subconcious level would focus on exactly what that secret is, so here is what I have heard.

Word on the street is, that the secret of Victoria, is actually that his name was
Victor, a man from New Jersey that had some form of a secret affinity for womens under garments to the point where he would dress up in the attire himself and share his own designs with the few women that were in on his secret and also had the same appreciation for women under garments.

As far out yet reasonable as it may sound, I have been told that the popular film made in the 80’s, known as Victor Victoria, was actual unique yet different  portrayal of this same urban ledgend story. In this particular story, it is about a woman, who portrays a man, who portrays a woman.

Victor Victoria is a 1982 musical comedy film released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer that involves transvestism and sexual identity as central themes.

It is all kind of twisted and complicated if you ask me, similar to the tendency for certain women in modern western contemporary popular culture to take a liking to and find pleasure in transsexuals or male cross dressers  who dress in drag.

Whatever FLOATS/SINKS Your Boat.

For me, the purpose is defeated because I could not see the gain of being able to behold and enjoy the display from the viewers perspective, which would then undermine my own astronomically high value as a judge.

It’s all just something to think about, and provoke thinking in general, so,
um yeah, what can we do to encourage attractive women to willingly dress up in their undies for the sake of gaining a high grade and approval rating for us.

Different strokes for different folks, and
different results tend to require a different approach.

A different perspective to consider.