J-Lo On A.I. Equals R.O.I. – Here's Why

See "Jenny From The Block" @ The Lifestyle Magazine Called PimpHop!

(T.G.I.F.) Thank God It’s Freeday.

If you want to know the truth, it is simply that this is just a clever way of finding a valid reason for putting what I really want to see on the cover of this innovative online magazine, and what you see, once again, is what you get.

I would like to give a shout out to the decision makers which brokered the deal to bring Jennifer Lopez on as a judge for the grand incredible hit series American Idol as this does the trick in maintaining the integrity of showbiz and offers some insight into how getting the attention of the viewers is to best be accomplished.

For the record, let it be stated that Jennifer Lopez is the starlet that confirmed to the world what we have always known, which is that men in general tend to like a cushion on the bumper of a woman’s body, and that includes men from all ethnic and cultural groups.

It must be stated as such to set an example for certain others who were born equipped with a package, yet have failed to demonstrate the actual value of the assets and take their career where it needs to go which is to the side of profitability and longevity when assets are combined with a loving and generous attitude.

In closing, I would not be shocked to see a segment of American Idol perhaps during auditions,where J-Lo takes the stage and lets tells the contestants,

“Look here sweetie, if you wish to get it in Hollywood, you need to know that when it’s all said and done, sexy is whats selling, so here, watch me and take notes.”

On with the show!

A different perspective to consider.