Cheerleaders vs. Fearleaders

Spirit,  lets hear it,
We’ve got SPIRIT!
-Popular Cheer Anthem

Today’s story to start the week is an end result analysis of the weekend ponder point of communication, and here is what I have concluded.

I do normal people stuff just like normal people on many levels, such as watch sporting events on weekends and other times when time allows, and this post was inspired by NFL Sunday.

At the same time with me being me, I can look at the same things as everyone else and see something different, which means that I am simply seeing it from a different perspective, and one that works for me, and since the experts say that life experience shapes perspectives, I can conclude that mine does stem from the perspective of a player on the court or field as opposed to that of a spectator, although everyone involved is a spectator from their own perspective and in their own right as well as a player.

Over the weekend, I noticed that if given a choice, I could actually sit and simply be satisfied with watching the cheerleaders perform, and have been known to attend events for this specific purpose, while it may appear to be based on the intended main attraction.

I used the Laker Girls and Sarah Palin as points of focus with imagery because I am in the process of posting the latest CNBC Townhall Meeting with President Obama in regards to job creation, and although I have yet to watch the segment myself, I am so sure of my own solution that I can simply create my own show first, and ask if whether or not, at the end of the day, you believe that at any point in the worlds history, there will be a time where the world is not in need of cheerleaders which would make the occupation another simple means of creating new jobs?

In regards to Sarah Palin on the opposite side of the spectrum as a
fearleader, what is most interesting is how on a Google Image search query, there appears to be an overwhelming demand for cheerleader like imagery, which could be used to boost her own relevance and campaign ambitions through serving the people with good cheer as opposed to fear?

somebodies imagination

In closing, the Tea Party would definitely be a force to recon with, if it’s representatives could show that they have solutions and not gripes, so feel free to pass the note on to Sarah Palin at her Facebook Page.

A different perspective to consider.