Katie Perry – I Kissed A Girl

I know, I know.
Shame shame on me for talking about some ole pimpity pimp lobster and shrimp, pimp and ho stuff, I mean would I want my daughter, mother, sister or wife carrying on in this way?

Between us as friends, I just see it for what it really is, which is some conversation, and this leaves me with an interesting option to choose in getting my point across, which is to watch a little bit of MTV so that I can see whats trendy, socially acceptable, and what all of the kool kids are thinking and doing, and besides, the Ellen DeGeneres show doesn’t come on until later in the afternoon and it is now morning time.

I will save my own views and opinions pro or con as to what this video is communicating with it’s message for another time, and just use it as a thought provoking tactic to get some blood circulating to the brain of our viewers, and this should “do the trick”…literally!

My response-
Know comment!

A different perspective to consider.