Mercedes Benz 2011 S Class – "The Best Or Nothing"

Mercedes Benz 2011 S Class & Its Primary Accessory

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Today’s entry in the automobile section is one of the most informative ones yet as it does an excellent job of demonstrating a point regarding new trends in luxury automobile marketing as well as marketing in general.

Due to the fact that this is an online publication, the image in the header section is a random selection that was acquired through an image search on Google that best demonstrates what actually gives an automobile its value as the woman in the image actually owns or is familiar with the owner of the vehicle and saw fit to snap a photo to be displayed on the web, most likely in a social media environment.

Due to the fact that in regards to auto specs, there is not much new that engineers can come up with in regards to technological advancements, the focus has now turned to the actual reasons why individuals purchase luxury automobiles in the first place, which is due to the brand and what it represents om an idealistic and emotional level, so we need to look no further than Mercedes Benz to set the standard in this status symbol arena.

For those unfamiliar with the story regarding the creation of this brand and as a reminder for those who are, history shows that the name that was given to this line of automobiles actually came as a result of one of its its original engine developers naming it after his daughter Mercedes.

The inclusion of the name Mercedes in the new brand name honored the most important model series of DMG automobiles, the Mercedes series, which were designed and built by Wilhelm Maybach. They derived their name from a 1900 engine named after the daughter of Emil Jellinek

Source: WikiAnswers

This interesting bit of news came to mind when recently viewing the new commercial for the Mercedes Benz 2011 s Class which reflects back to those earlier times, along with the new brand slogan which is stated in the title and image above.

As a lifestyle magazine focused on first class treatment and the diamond life, it is a motto that we are fully in agreement with as a stance in life and indicates that the value of the vehicle and brand name is centered around this stance and the enthusiasm regarding “the best“, and due to the fact that the Internet and world at large has gone social, we can actually expand upon this slogan with a focus on a total representation of the people, places, and things in congruence with this motto to help foster a culture of excellence in the digital age, and as a side note, the latest 2011 S Class is actually a hybrid model to fall in alignment with environmentally continuous thinking.
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