Is It Really Cool For Grown Ups To Behave Like They're In High School?

T.G.I.F. (Thank God Its Freeday).
Here is some interesting reading for the first Friday of 2011 and for the record, this post is more of an observation than a judgement call with me playing the part of what is now popularly being classified as a social critic for those who need to have a title and category folder to file a person in.

Back to The Facebook Obsession, which is yet another show about the new social media craze, what I tend to notice being overlooked is the prior history and intention as to why the website was actually created in the first place. For the record, before the popularity explosion of Facebook, when Myspace was still the front runner in the arena, Facebook was exclusively for high school and college students to the extent that each group was actually confined to each, similar to what happens in real life when individuals group themselves together according to common traits and interests.

While the site is useful in different capacities, it does point to an emerging trend which appears to show that grown adults and teenagers as college age students are not very far apart in their behaviors and levels of maturity, and I have always found it fascinating to see that the first thing that many will do after signing up for the site is to reconnect with friends from that era of their lives and reminisce about those days and times.

As harmless as it may appear to be on the surface, I could see a side effect happening when it becomes a part of individuals daily routine to the extent that their mental and emotional facilities actually begin to also shift back to the times of old, which is contrary to evolution, and interestingly enough, their are certain television programs that are popular which seem to point to an overwhelming demand for high school reenactment, such as Glee, which is pictured in the header image.

If I had to get my arm chair psychologist stance going as I often do, I believe that it reflects what happens when individuals on a singular or collective level are confronted with stressful life circumstances which unknowingly may cause them to seek a time in life that was filled with more certainty, and while we are all different in our goals and needs, I believe that this tendency can cause individuals to overlook the actual value of what these trying times and circumstances can offer along with their associated pain, which is growth and expansion.

Other than that, Im just having fun enjoying myself and job, so perhaps I am not much different in this sense as when I look at my past more thoroughly, I see that while in some ways I have grown and matured, there are plenty of ways that reflect that I am in essence still the same as always.