Lindsay Lohan + Lakers Game = Very Theraputic

Lindsay Lohan @ Lakers vs. Knicks Game - Sunday 1/09/11

Captains Log Stardate ( January 13, 2011 -Week# 2 )

While speaking with a few different women last week, it was brought to my attention that while some of the content that I provide is in fact insightful, it can be much to stomach on an intellectual level if one is not in the mood for something too wordy.

With that said, while pondering on ways to come up with a middle ground, the answer in regards to explaining what the core essence of what I am conveying showed up on the television screen on a program that I frequently tune in to , affectionately known to Southern California residents as
The Lake Show.

While they did their usual celebrity zoom in’s to give a roll call to the celebrities in the building, the camera made it’s way to Lindsay Lohan, fresh out of the Betty Ford rehabilitation clinic in The Palm Dessert region of California.

While she is no where near being a stranger to photographer focus, this particular scenario displayed something different and in my opinion, quite interesting. If the what you see is what you get slogan is accurate, we can see that Lindsay is actually having herself an enjoyable time, along with the rest of the spectators in the building both well known and otherwise.

Keeping this post brief and on target, all we are displaying as a Lifestyle Magazine is the total sum of the real life experience of the individuals who live and work in T.V. land and globally, and while the lines between work and play are often blurred, the situation with Lindsay Lohan shows that a good refreshing sense of normalcy to the degree in which it is available to her and any celebrity and even non celebrities for that matter, appears to be a simply yet highly effective source of therapy and rehabilitation as perhaps a lack of this sense of normalcy and pressures that stem from the demands of people pleasing are the primary causes of stress in the first place.

Lindsay Lohan Getting "THE GAME" From Spike Lee

There I go getting wordy again, so I would turn the show over to a filmmaker, visionary, and story teller that has had a tremendous impact on me as a whatever the term to describe me is, and see it from his perspective in regards to connection between what we see and what one gets.

Happy Women Equals Happy Village!
A Business Plan Made Simple.

On with the show.