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If you were in my position, you too would be paying close attention to the news on the business channels such as CNBC, which for whatever reason, seem to be running episode after episode about the life and times of the dot com and digital age revolution and it’s key players.

Now as of last night, I watched the CNBC 60 Minutes episode featuring Google, Facebook, and Microsoft with an introduction to each of its staff members and founding executives.

Outside of what I know to be pure hype, I can commend Google for the type of lifestyle that has developed as a culture globally as well as on the grounds of their headquarters known as The Googleplex up in the Silicon Valley area of Northern California, and you can get in where you fit in by watching the video clip below.

Now how this reality show scene came about is actually through Facebook, and in quite an interesting way, as the website is designed for individuals who already know each other to have the ability of staying in touch.

While I am more of a bridge builder type of person who enjoys meeting new faces, I decided to just go along with the program to see what would happen if I reconnected with some of the people from my past, and here is where the story get interesting.

This segment of “THE NEXT LEVEL” PimpHop.com Reality Show features Jenn, a friend that I met at 16 years of age during my high school years and my first official Spanish tutor. Interestingly enough, she has moved on up from Southern California in a literal sense, as she now resides in the wonderful city of Chicago Illinois, working as a leasing executive, yet she is still the same ole Jenn as indicated by the enjoyable experiences seen in the images above and below.

Anyhow, the image that caught my attention while making my daily web rounds is the one in the header because the way that my mind works is simple and easy, so that I recognize that we are in fact running an online company such as the ones mentioned above, and her image shows up at her work station while having an enjoyable time, I conclude that it is best to put 2 and 2 together to = 22 like the day that it just happens to be today, so the conversation on Facebook is as follows.

    • Rylan Branch picture you working @ my company? 2011 is the year!

      January 19 at 12:16am ·
    • Jennifer McFarlane Ok.. send me the pitch… I am all ears!

      17 hours ago · ·

Well if I was required to get technical and corporate sounding which may be required in certain instances of multi billion dollar valuated websites, I would just refer people to this link which describes the employment stance, yet since that way is the usual which although popular, has yet to lead to the answer that investors and business gurus have sought in regards to how highly popular websites with hundreds of millions of users actually plan to become profitable because advertising revenue approaches are just not working and undercover data mining is leading to privacy concerns and customer dissatisfaction.

The plain clothes version of me says that Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and if this is a dot com known as PimpHop similar to how Facebook is a dot com, Jenn can log in and post content at her leisure here to share the good times that she is having with the viewers, and since Jenn is a special type of individual, although we can all see that she is enjoying herself at her workstation and may even be on Facebook, I can also guarantee that she has some windows on her computer open with some type of sales totals and business related matters, which would most likely mean that she can exist and function in both work and play modes simultaneously if it was created by someone for her to do as such and if shes out and about wirelessly, it is
“nada mucho” to find her broadcasting live from the livest day and nightlife events in the city, from ball games, to the before and after parties, and everything in between.

In closing, I believe that one person who would most certainly agree and tell it like it really is is the one
Rahm Emanuel who is currently running for the Mayor’s position of the City Of Chicago, which we can pretty much guarantee will be granted with a few buttons on the keyboard or smartphone keypad pressed by Jenn as an endorsement for his campaign, a job that somebody has to do, even thought the fine print still reads as it always has here at PimpHop.com Lifestyle Magazine which is as follows….

Even Online It Aint Easy!

It’s Reality.
Just ask Rod Blagojevich how you too, can be on “THE NEXT LEVEL”!

Stay Tuned.