Introducing Ivar "The Money Guy" Laegreid – PH Economics Adviser

How do we explain this one?

Tell it like it is is how, so how it is is that this is an interesting character to say the least and one of the people who agrees with me on a few matters and disagrees on quite a few others on a continuous basis, so my only recourse is to have him come and state his own valid opinions based on his life experiences here at Lifestyle Magazine.

He actually caught my attention of Facebook through a comment that he made on a females profile that I agreed with although she did not like the taste of the cold hard facts that he was relaying, and he just so happens to have the same name as a popular street in the heart of Hollywood,

Ivar Laegreid - N I C E ! They already named a street after me.

and since he lives in “The Valley” and keeps company with a select few fly women, it is sort of a “if you know, then you know” L.A. Insider type of matter that explains itself, so he can introduce himself and his credentials and perhaps educate our viewers as much as he does me in regards to matters of Global Economics and other relevant grown up topics.

“I have become registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as a Commodity Trading Adviser. I feel it concludes 27 years of extremely tumultuous market participation, but a somewhat logical progression of working in different areas of the financial services industry. Although, my career has been very far from the “managed” kind.

It also makes perfect sense out of having come to America. Because nowhere else on earth would my experience have been possible. After having had my life as I had know it collapse into rubble with no hope of recovery, I literally wheelbarrowed a few remaining pieces over to the local bus stop and journeyed to the Land of Opportunity on my one remaining credit card. Here, I was not only given a fresh start, but too many new chances to mention after my subsequent several failures. If I’ll succeed as an owner of a National Futures Association member firm and Commodity Trading Adviser, mine will be the quintessential American story of the hope realized that the US holds out to the world.

Perhaps the greatest compliment I have ever been paid was; “you made America what it is”. I do feel that with this new opportunity I have been given a chance to be one of the people who makes America what it is.”

Ivar Laegreid

On with the show.