Internet Innovation = Job Creation – So Says The President

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Humpday it is at 7am Pacific Time.
Before I take my morning walk, I decided to post this entry to set the flow for the rest of the day and beyond.

The girl featured in the image is the one and only Tarnisha a.k.a. T$$Rich, and if you haven’t noticed by now, a majority of what you see around these parts is inspired by attractive women for reasons that we believe need not be explained.

While listening to Barack Obama and the State Of The Union Address yesterday evening, he actually gave Google and Facebook a shout out in regards to the value and relevance of Internet technology and innovation in regards to the economy, education, and the quality of life as a whole, which is great news to our ears as a key player in this arena, and after a thorough year long investigation into the stuff that makes the web go round, I am seeing this particular type of image  so frequently on the social media circuit that perhaps in technology business as well as most matters regarding human beings with thoughts and feelings, it is always the simple things that seem to matter the most as demonstrated with the utmost ease by the image provided by T $Rich$!

It is still early enough in the day to see where this leads, with a primary focus on serving needs and collecting proceeds, you know, job creation!

Sound like a plan?
Good, so stay tuned.