The Escort – Controversial Stage Play Draws Fire

Billboard And Poster For Provocative Stage Play" THE ESCORT"

Here is a bit of juicy yet relevant news in the world of Entertainment in it’s capital city of Los Angeles.

A controversial adult themed play regarding the life and trials of an upscale escort has made its debut at the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood CA.

With all of the various types of artistic expression that are created and coexist exist within the city, the actual content of the play written by Emmy award winning writer Jane Anderson  is not the actual cause of the negative criticism, but rather the refusal of city officials to allow the posters and billboards to be displayed around the city.

The criticism is coming from local residents and business owners who do not desire to see the artwork advertisements displayed in public sectors due to it’s sexually provocative nature, yet the supporters and show staff see it as a double standard citing numerous somewhat racy and homosexual overtone advertisements openly and freely displayed in select parts of the city, such as Sunset Blvd in Hollywood as primary example.

The Escort: Risque Play Opens At The Geffen:

This is one that needs to be monitored from a business standpoint as suppression in one arena always equals a demand for an outlet in another, and where there is controversy, there is also blood in the streets according to those with a corporate culture mindset.

A synopsis of the play as well as a link to the Geffen Playhouse website for more details is below.


The Escort

March 29 – May 8, 2011

Previews through April 5, 2011
Opens April 6, 2011

Nothing is taboo in this world premiere about a high-class call girl. Charlotte is charged with escorting us through this titillating tale as members of one seemingly liberal family test the limits of their own sexual morality. What happens when social ideals are in direct conflict with personal choices in the bedroom? While this provocative new Geffen commission is laced with sex, bad language and nudity, don’t expect some bawdy farce from this Emmy and Ovation Award winning writer. This sexually charged roller coaster ride takes us down a path of unexpected thoughtfulness and depth that asks the question: How far are you willing to go to prove your open-mindedness?

Performance Notes: Contains mature language and strong sex