Facebook Fast Break – PH Status Analysis Report

Greetings Earthlings!

Things are moving at a mile per second around these parts, so lets get this entry on the wall with the least amount of time and energy used to report the matter effectively.

The simple things have yet again shown themselves to matter the most, so after a month long analysis, I have come to the final conclusion that the ultimate endgame for most in regards to the social media frenzy stems from the desire to be liked, as demonstrated by Facebook, or worthy of being followed as demonstrated by Twitter.

Like the moon in the sky or a bird that can fly, it’s logistics when we see that overall, it’s an inner child scenario which shows that women like to post their images and have them be seen and liked, and men like to observe the images and do the liking, so we will take it upon ourselves to focus on the simple truths about life by continuing to assist others in achieving their goals by offering services, tools, and applications, first and foremost with an emphasis on the cornerstone of the game which is the ability to stand alone and like ones own self and follow ones own heart (self esteem).

In closing, since it has been shown that a cause and brand must
“touch the soul” of it’s participants in order to be effective, I can add a humanistic appeal by stating the following.

It’s is not feasible for one to expect to attain much lovin’ in an environment and website where there is so much hatin’, and receive any satisfaction in an environment and website where there is so much dissatisfaction.
Rylan Branch

The Solution-
Offer an alternative for those who believe themseleves to be deserving.

What You See Is What You Get.
A Business Plan Made Simple.

On with the show.