(Rerun) The Big Ole' Super Duper Grand Illustrious PimpHop.com Party?

Obama Tattoo On The Thigh? Hmm.... Now That's ELECTRIC!

Moving right along!
This subject has been on the table since the birth of this online publication back in 2002, yet we just have not seemed to have gotten around to making it happen on a scale that is synonymous with the brand, and for good reason.

In my opinion, something that has already been done, or is done over and over again is simply not worth doing, which seems to be a counter intuitive thought as most of what I see in regards to events is similar and sometimes identical to just about each and every event.

For those who have known me long enough or know my history, my ventures in entrepreneurship actually began in the form of a event promoter, beginning with my very first house party at 17 years of age.

Blah blah, blah about me, yet some of the things I currently see in regards to events are concepts that were invented in the 90’s such as grown and sexy all white parties, and foam parties, etc,  and the good ole fashioned raves which actually began in the warehouses where they were illegal to host but were hosted anyway as that added to the appeal of the event.

With what is available due to communication abilities with the web, I have been focusing on exactly what is needed to complete the PimpHop.com Party tasks, and there is plenty of content regarding the subject within these walls.

Going on pure intuition, I am simply observing through images on the social networking and event photo websites exactly what is in demand at the most core levels, and am now using the technology more effectively by inquiring of our viewers exactly how they would envision the livest party in the history of the world, or at least one of them.

For me personally, the only element that is a must can be reflected in the following imagery.

Know Comment!

I guess it’s just the African in me that holds this position, so if we can get by with that in place, similar to the enormous amount of people who attend this Carnival event in Brazil, as well as Marti Gras festivities in New Orleans, we will make it happen.

With nearly unlimited resources in regards to time, space, or money, on your part as well as ours, what would the jump off known as the
Big Ole’ Super Duper Grand Illustrious PimpHop.com Party look, sound, feel, and be like in your opinion, because the Barack Obama Tattoo on the thigh of the woman in the header image can be considered, in my honest opinion,  as a clear sign of the times!

“You Must  Focus Daniel-Son”
Mr. Miyagi – Original Karate Kid.

A different perspective to consider.