Jetset Magazine – A Chance Encounter?

How do I explain this one?
Telling like it is, I am in Starbucks now and around 20 minutes or so ago, a group of individuals that appeared to be on a tour came inside of the establishment for some refreshments and then left.

I stepped outside to ponder on exactly what to write about today and when I arrived outside, I saw a PIMPISH Girls Gone Wild type of tour bus outside, off at a distance near the Chili’s restaurant with the name Jetset Magazine wrapped on the side bus panel, and  some of the people who were in Starbucks boarding the bus.

I then came back inside of the Starbucks to grab a business card from by bag, and as I went back out, the bus was leaving, so I did what I felt was best which is to flag the driver as he was pulling out so that he could open the door, which he did and was cool about it.

I handed the guy in the front who appeared to be the tour leader a business card and recommended that he check out the lifestyle publication that you are now viewing, and he said that he would as he was holding his smartphone.

The moral of the story?
There have been numerous interesting past events that have transpired through the simple decision on my part to talk to strangers, so it is just a continuation of the procedure as well as doing our part to get the word out in a most interestingly rapid fashion, yet we may need to add a tour bus to the menu for a 2011 upgrade.

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