Latina Love – Job Creation According To Arnold Schwarzenegger

Mildred Baena And Son

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — She moved here nearly a year ago, to a four-bedroom home with a pool in this middle-class community more than 100 miles from Los Angeles and the Brentwood mansion where she had worked for 20 years. Mildred Patricia Baena had been a housekeeper for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver through his years as governor, retiring some time last year.

Source : New York Times

You’ve heard the rest now try the best.
Keeping it California, we would simply say that if Maria Shriver and other privileged women of the like are not able to adequately keep their partners pleased and satisfied, the reality of the situation shows that there are plenty of available Latino women here in the local area willing and able to do the job that the other women are too above doing along with collecting the generous compensation  in exchange for a job well done.

It’s how the game is played, leaving its players with the choice of hating on it, or stepping it up as the facts would show that Mildred Baena’s game is recession proof.

A different perspective to consider.