Does Lady Gaga Like Men?

This one here is just one of those types of questions that would be asked and if we are lucky, answerd here at Lifestyle Magazine.

When I say LIKE, I mean in a way that a heterosexual lady may like a heterosexual man and vice versa, often known as attraction.

With all of the media hype and attention flowing towards this public figure, a question of her sexual preferences may not be of much relevance in terms of dollars and cents,  although her stances on sexual preferences and the freedom of choice without public scrutiny and prejudice is a part of Lady Gaga’s over all draw, so I just ask the question out of curiosity as the ability to be alive and choose to behave in a monstrous manner or otherwise stems from the process of birth itself, which in the days of old did require that men and women first like each other in the way that is stated above regarding Lady Gaga and which ever way that he, she, or it and others traditionally are born.


A different perspective of a different perspective being consider.